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This is the coolest bike I’ve seen in along time. Sorry to sound teenage, but this is the way to get around without a car. The Ixibike is a new design concept in collapsible two-wheelers. Not only does it have bendable handle-bars and pedals, which reduce it from a width of 22” to 12” in seconds, it also splits in half with the twist of one bolt. Now it’s easy to pop in the car, take on a bus or train and leave the short journeys to pedal power.

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electric_cars.jpgOn Friday 20th July Cenex, a government initiative dealing with low carbon and fuel cell technologies, will hold an exhibition at Leeds United's football ground. The purpose of the one day event, which is being held in partnership with Leeds City Council, is to promote a reduction in CO2 emissions from transport. Leeds Council are currently working with Cenex to reduce the carbon emissions of it's fleet, including 'hybridising' it's transit vans and converting some of it's buses to diesel hybrids. There will be a variety of low carbon vehicles at the event, and you have the opportunity to test drive them. The exhibition runs from 8.30am until 3.00pm and an itinerary of the day's events can be found here.

[via treehugger.com]

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logo-ecofleet.gifIf you are one of the many people who prefer to lease cars, rather than buying you may be interested to know you can now do it carbon neutrally. Eco Fleet provide cars for periods of 12 to 60 months, but unlike other companies they care about the environment and global warming, and their fleet only includes cars which produce low emissions. Those emissions are then offset through various schemes investing in renewable energy and forest restoration projects. Their website allows you to search for your hire car either by model, or by amount of CO2 it produces per kilometer. Eco Fleet deliver the vehicle to your door for no extra charge, and have competitive rates due to the large number of vehicles they own.

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botswana%20flats%20clarkson.jpgI’ve always found Jeremy Clarkson annoying – I just don’t understand the attraction of cars and motoring and never have - but now he’s surprised even me with his latest car capers. In a sequence filmed by the BBC for its motoring programme Top Gear, Clarkson is shown zooming across the Makgadikgadi salt pans in Botswana, a protected area and the largest example of a salt-pan environment in the world.

The Guardian quote a BBC spokesperson as saying, “we employed several experts on the salt pans with environmental expertise who advised us on where we could and couldn't go, and ensured that we never went near any conservation areas.” But a local guide was quoted in The Telegraph as saying, “They said they were making a big film for the BBC and ignored me. They had quad bikes and three cars and they were driving all over the place, making marks on the salt pans.”
Apparently, it is usual practice to drive only in single file on the salt pans to minimise damage, but the marks made by the Clarkson and his team will last for years. It remains to be seen how long the damage to the BBC’s environmental reputation, in the wake of its much-vaunted support for Live Earth, will take to repair.

DiscoveryChannelTeam_GreenKit-vi.jpgWith this year's Tour de France well underway it's emerged that one of the top teams in the peloton have become carbon neutral. The Discovery Channel Team have offset all the carbon they produce in time for the TDF, and have also backdated it to 1st of January. They have even reflected their new status by redesigning their kit to include green bands, and have re-coloured their planet logo green. The cyclists themselves obviously don't produce any harmful emissions whilst racing, but they have a huge entourage of trucks, buses and cars that follow them around.

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enertia.jpgThere are some electric motorbikes and scooters that I think should remain as concepts, and never rear their ugly heads on our streets. The Enertia Bike by Brammo Sports is an electric bike which is not only about to become a reality, hitting stores across the US at the beginning of next year, but as you can see it's also rather attractive too. [via treehugger.com]

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al%20gore%20arrest%20prius.JPGCynics everywhere were rubbing their hands with glee when Al Gore's son was caught speeding at over 100 mph with a cocktail of drugs on board, as they hoped to tarnish Gore's whiter-than-white (or should that be greener than green?) reputation.

But by far the biggest response to the story has not been "let's get at Al Gore", but rather "A Prius can go THAT fast?" Gore III, 24, was driving a Toyota Prius at the time of the incident, and it has since become clear that public perception of hybrid vehicles was in a head-on collision with the truth about just how powerful and speedy they can be.


Holidaying in the UK means you’re probably going to get wet, so why not do it in style on an H2O luxury floating penthouse. The company claim that their boats are the luxury ecological choice using super-efficient generators ,boat%20H20%202.jpgon board, recycling waste and ensuring sewage is disposed environmentally – all very glamorous.

The H2O Resorts boats are US-built luxury floating apartments. The 60 feet long vessels sleep eight, with 4 double staterooms, a spacious lounge with home theatre, and a fully equipped galley. On the upper deck is a sun-lounge area, a wet bar and a 6 person hot-tub.

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bus.jpgEdinburgh have just launched 15 new 'greener' buses in a move to tackle pollution in the city. Lothian Buses have introduced the vehicles, which cost £2 million, and hope to roll out another 70 by the end of the year. The buses store a chemical which is sprayed onto the exhaust fumes from the engine to reduce harmful emissions, a technology which is said to cut nitrogen dioxides by up to half. The city council have welcomed the move, saying that it will only help to enhance an already comfortable and reliable form of alternative transport in the capital.

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Charity casts further doubt on biofuels

biofuels.jpgThe biofuels debate was stepped up another notch today as the 'anti agro-fuels' charity Grain launched an attack on plans to tackle climate change with plant-based petrol.

The charity claims to have evidence that both biofuels companies and governments are putting pressure on indigenous peasant communities in developing countires to vacate areas staked out for growing jatropha. A spokesman for the charity said: "The numbers involved are mind-boggling. The Indian government is talking of planting 14 million hectares of land with jatropha."

bus%20shelter.jpgBus shelters are certainly more exciting these days, with the introduction of solar powered timetables, and animated billboards, but if artist Nils Norman had his way they would also be spreading an important environmental message. For the current Global Cities exhibition at the Tate Modern he has created, among other things, a bus shelter with a conscience. Inside there are posters that, instead of promoting consumerism, give a warning of impending environmental disasters. They also give possible solutions to surviving a flood, making your own bio-diesel and surviving West Nile Virus! On the roof of the shelter is a wooden planter containing drought-resistant plants, such as agaves and arids, a stark reminder of how our gardens may look in the future if global warming continues. Unfortunately this bus shelter isn't going to be put onto our streets any time soon, infact after the exhibition it will be stripped back to it's former glory and given back to London Transport.

The Global Cities exhibition runs from 20th June to 27th August, and entry is free.

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moto-front.jpgIt looks a bit like an armadillo, but it's actually a solar powered motorbike by Spanish company SunRed. The idea, which won a prize for innovation at the Barcelona Motor show, is that when the bike is parked the large fold-out solar panels will cover the vehicle and the rays will charge up the bike's battery. It will have a range of around 13 miles and a top speed of 30mph, so not exactly one for a blast down the coast at the weekend, but ideal for city use. This is a concept model, but the company are planning a prototype soon, so watch this space!

[via treehugger.com]

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bamboo%20bike.jpgA Californian bike shop owner has developed what's believed to be the world's first ever bamboo bike, which he hopes could provide sustainable transport for the desperately poor in Africa.

Craig Calfee
of Santa Cruise says that the idea of making bicycles out of bamboo came to him when the wood's strength and durability was revealed to him by his pet dog; the dog habitually chewed sticks into splinters, but bamboo was so tough that it would come out of its jaws with barely a tooth-mark. He then decided to try making prototype bike frames out of bamboo, and has since gone on to use the material for sleek, racing-style bikes.

organic_places.gifIf you’re just getting round to booking a holiday, or if you like to leave it till the last minute then Organic Places To Stay in the UK is the information you need for a healthy holiday. The website has been running successfully since 2004 and now there’s a book to match, by Linda Moss, the force behind the website.

Included in the guide are: Bed & Breakfast establishments, small hotels, campsites, certified organic farms providing accommodation, and guesthouses, which specialise in serving organic food. The guide is independent with no charge being required for inclusion.
There are over 520 entries, so you should be able to find somewhere in most parts of the UK. Using this guide, you could come back from holiday healthier and slimmer than when you left!

Richard Branson's eco car hopes run dry

richard%20branson.jpgSir Richard Branson has been forced to admit that his biofuel car - a £33,000 Saab - is often run on ordinary unleaded petrol, due to a scarcity of the bioethanol fuel he had hoped to use.

Branson had bought the car as a symbolic gesture to show his commitment to finding new methods of transport that aren't reliant on C02-emitting fuels. But the nearest supplier of bio-ethanol to Virgin's Notting Hill HQ is on the other side of the M25, at a petrol station in Crowborough in East Sussex, a 100-mile roundtrip that takes over three hours.

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