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Pedal power

Pedal_powerI know this gadget's about a couple of geological ages old, but I justify its inclusion here on the grounds that it's spring, it's sunny and there are going to be a lot of old bicycles coming out of sheds. The name of the Pedal & Power pretty much says it all. For £20, you get a dynamo that fits on your wheel, a  female cigarette charger socket and a  phone holder - all you need is the car charger for your moby. Et voila - free power! According to UK stockists, CAT, just over an hour's cycling at 12mph should charge your phone full. [thanks, Jon]

Citroenc3We've had the high mileage diesel, the petrol-electric hybrid and the 100% electric. Now meet the Stop & Start, Citroen's ingeniously clever engine that switches off when you brake to a halt and automatically reignites in milliseconds when you put your foot on the accelerator. Though the tech was announced last September, it's only been available in the UK for a few months in the cute C3, pictured. Citroen reckon it reduces fuel and CO2 emisssions by up to 15% if you battle through daily traffic jams. I'm aiming to give one a test-drive; Autocar say it's good but a bit cramped in the rear seats.

05lexusrx400h500I know, I know, I'm courting controversy by featuring this Lexus. A green SUV's an oxymoron, right? A shameless corporate figleaf, surely? Well, yes, on both counts. Still, my reasoning runs that there will always be some people who buy SUVs because they think they're cool, so it's good news if those few are driving even slightly more eco-friendly ones. The Lexus RX400h is one such slightly greener SUV, as it has a hybrid electric-petrol engine, a la the Toyota Prius. It does 34.8MPG, which is poor generally but good by SUV standards. You can buy one for a cool £45,000 from May. Maybe even Ken will give it a 45 degree thumbs-up.

LedbikeOkay, so I'm pretty certain that the Hokey Spokes aren't new - in fact, a quick bit of Googling shows they're not - but I wanted to feature them anyway because they look superb. They're  LED 'blades' that you attach to your bicycle spokes to project a trippy light-show and make yourself more visible - essentially a cooler version of the spoke reflectors that I used to get free in packets of Frosties as a kid. As I cycle about 70 miles in London most days, I'm grateful for anything that makes me more visible to motorists. The green bit is that LED lights use hardly any power. Match them with rechargeable (Ni-MH) AA batteries for maximum eco points. Oh, and you can get them in the UK for £20 here.

Vtrx_highresredvxe_lrgScooters are good in many ways. They don't have to pay the Congestion Charge, they make me feel Italian even though I'm pasty pink English and just driving one bestows the rider with a smidgen of Quadrophenia cool. This one can lay claim to extra goodness as it's electric and thus a potentially emission-free way from A-to-B. Its maker, Vectrix, reckons the battery will go for nearly 70 miles  - it takes three hours to power up. Top speed's 62mph, so it's basically a town runabout, but it looks like a darn fine runabout. It's coming to the UK this summer and - fingers crossed - I should be borrowing one soon, so I'll let you know if it's worth a spin. Pricing's TBC.

WheelsurfStopped giggling yet? Then click the pic and get a closer look at this ingeniously insane monster motor unicycle from Holland. There are currently only 50 Wheelsurfs in existence and buying one will set you back around £3100 in Europe but, boy, what a way to get about! From the look of things, the main point is to put a huge grin on your face and attract lots of stares while getting from A to B. Admittedly, it's not the most eco-friendly way to get around as it uses unleaded petrol, but it's certainly better than a big gallon-guzzling car. Get the full low-down on how it works - the secret is two frames, an inner and an outer one - over at Wheelsurf's website.

GwizIf you're even slightly green-minded and live in London, the chances are you've heard of the G-Wiz already. Though it looks like it just rolled out of Noddy's Toy Town, the concept of the £7k car is very cool (and very cheap). It's got an electric engine which keeps going for the frankly amazing equivalent of 600mpg, it parks for free in Westminster bays and is exempt from London's Congestion Charge. Provided you supply the juice from a sustainable source, it's also completely green to run. Having borrowed one for a few days we reckon the car's a winner for a town runabout. The only real bummer - and it's a big one if you're big - is the cramped interior. We're only 5ft 9 inches tall and our head was scraping the roof. It's not much cop for out-of-town driving, either, being limited to a max speed of 40mph. Take a test drive and check it out for yourself.

Respect_mountain_wristbandsSo, there's been so much snow in Europe this year, it looks like the ski season's going to run into late April and possibly even May. With all those extra bodies hitting the valleys - including, ahem, us - the Ski Club of Great Britain's Respect the Mountain campaign couldn't have come at a better time. It's basically a short manifesto on not littering slopes, travelling to resorts without planes where possible and choosing eco-minded accomodation. To show your support, you can buy one of these neat green wristbands for £2 from their site - the cash goes to the Woodland Trust for tree planting and research into skiing's impact on the environment. You could also just donate a few pennies direct to the Woodland Trust.

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