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Electric vehicles are both sexier and more affordable with every passing day, meaning if you wait long enough you'll be able to get a free solar-powered transport that'll take you to the moon and back in more ways than one. Until then, however, you may want to content yourself by checking the The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part) list. Includes the Tesla Roadster, of course, because the Tesla Roadster is one of the hottest cars going, but also a bunch of cars you haven't heard of and will definitely want. [GT]

The Top Ten electric vehicles you can buy right now (for the most part)

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A shopping cart can make the difference between needing to have a car for a shopping trip, and the Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart could make that difference with a difference. Your food goes in the base, and your dainty behind can have a rest on the seat, guaranteeing you some measure of comfort even on the tube home. It can take 20 kilos in the basket, and 100 kilos in the seat, so it's rugged enough for you and your baby too - and since it's aluminum, it only weighs 4kg. Personal shopping carts usually offer some modesty covering, and probably future versions of this will too, but as is, it makes the Saturday farmer's market trek sound a lot nicer. $99. [GT]

Compact Sit-Down Shopping Cart [via Chip Chick]

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Brazil Now the weather's finally turned seasonal (and much as you feel obliged to be happy that it's officially 'no longer the warmest January on record', you still really hate the cold), the chances are your mind is turning to holidays. Preferably the sort that whisk you out of the gloom as quickly and as affordably as possible. After all, we're all entitled to our dose of winter sun, aren't we?

Girasole Electric Car


If typical modern cars resemble running shoes, the Girasole electric car looks more like a stylish beach sandal. A Japanese-Italian collaboration from Yoshio Takaoka, in collaboration with Italy's Start Lab SAP, the Girasole runs off standard mains power, and reaches speeds of 65 km per hour. It travels distances of up to a 120 km on a full battery. It's also so quiet (how quiet is it?) that it has its own soundtrack: designers have given it a clip-clop horse-hoof sound effect so that pedestrians can actually notice it sneaking up on them. (So much for Deathrace 2000.) [GT]

Fill it up... with electricity please: the Girasole electric car [via SciFi Tech]

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While if you want to do it completely right you'll want to make your own kayak out of newspaper and paddle over to it yourself, a zero-carbon luxury beach resort is being planned for Nungwi, Zanzibar. The buildings are being designed so that the sea air circulation provides natural air conditioning, water is purified by filtration through natural reeds, bicycles and electric cars will provide the transport, and local earth, renewable timber and reclaimed stone will go into the construction. [GT]

The hot topic: The zero-carbon luxury beach resort [via BornRich]


We loves us some hybrids, and are triple-delished that MachineArt and eCycle, Inc. have paired up to deliver not one, not two, but three hybrid motorcycle concepts. With top speeds of about 140kph and 60km per liter, the concept bikes use electrical power for torque and short hops, and petrol for long range engagement. And they're all purty.

MachineArt and eCycle hybrid motorcycles [via SciFi Tech]

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Exhibiting at the London Science Museum right now is a driverless hybrid bus that you hail with your mobile.  It seats up to 24 people and follows its route based on magnets embedded in the pathway.  It uses considerably less energy than normal cars and buses, and costs half as much as a normal bus does to operate, since it has no driver - making it theoretically possible to double the number of buses available, especially in remote areas.  However, since it has no driver, there have been glitches: an unmanned bus in France ran over a sleeping dog and killed it.  Commenters have also expressed concern about vandalism, thuggery and other unsavory behaviour taking over the buses.  Can these logistical problems be solved easily enough to reap the benefits of expanded public transport at reduced environmental impact?  Vote yay or nay!  [GT]

The driverless bus you hail with your mobile [via BornRich]

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Okay, the Ultimate Hybrid Hyperbike is a bit surreal looking for somebody in my presently plaguey body and perpetually weak mind, but the concept is pretty interesting - it's basically a very slick update of the giant bicycles musclemen with handlebar moustaches rode during vaudeville.  The wheels are eight feet high and it can actually go as fast as a car in skilled hands (and feet).  Nonetheless, it has multiple controls and two brakes, making it safe as well as a full-body workout (second only, the makers say, to swimming).  [GT]

Ultimate Hybrid Hyperbike [via EcoGeek]

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George_clooney2Mr Clooney proves he is more than a ruggedly handsome superstar and that he has ethical leanings, too.

He has signed a deal with Hybrid Technologies to drive the Lithium Smart Car around Italy this summer. The publicity stunt is in preparation for the car's European launch.

[Via Ecorazzi]

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Chances are that if you're on the golf course, it's sunny already, right?  So making the golf carts solar-powered is an obvious next step.  That's precisely what they've done at Cruise Car.  The Sunray has a nice shading cover which is also a field of solar panels on top, soaking up those beams and converting them into a quiet, non-environmentally-damaging trip across the green.  No price given, but surely in the long run they'll pay for themselves, especially considering how notoriously inefficient small engines are.  [GT]

Sunray solar-powered golf cart

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Another environmental vehicle prototype: the MHV4 hydrogen-powered car from Taiwan's Mingdao University.  No petrol whatsoever involved, and it runs for 40km per charge.  Compact but with a little storage space (unlike the ultra-compacts), it seats two, is pretty cute, and looks like we should be able to buy them by the caseload at a £1 store any time.  (Oh, if only.)  [GT]

MHV4 hydrogen-powered car from Taiwan's Mingdao University [Original article: 加水不加油 氢能车驶上台北街头]

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Loaded with fresh, seasonal food, Buttervilla B&B offers candlelit romance in bucolic splendor suitable for the pickiest or hippiest getaway. Transport to the coast is readily available with walking tour maps, there are plenty of local restaurants, and you can horseback ride or go on a 4x4 off road drive. It's also convenient to the Eden Project, with, amazingly, both ice skating and tropical jungle adventures. The B&B itself operates on sustainable principles, including solar-heated showers. Tariff is £32.50-£37.50 per person, including breakfast, and evening meals £25 for three courses. [GT]

Buttervilla B&B

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With a chassis that can be recycled after five years, the prototype Honda Extreme has a modular polycarbonate body which means if you get tired of the look, or it gets scuffed, you can just peel it off and put on something new and different.  The modules are also, of course, fully recyclable.  [GT]

Batman In A Honda? [via Gotta Have One]

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Venturi, the same company that brought us the Eclectic wind-powered hybrid car prototype, will be shipping a solar hybrid car in January 2008.  Range is about 100km and it can go about 110km per hour (though obviously not for very long).  It contains 3.6 square meters of photovoltaic cells with a yield of 21%, and stores the extra in batteries.  While it has some of the goofy look and inadequate space associated with electric cars (though it does actually have a second seat, behind the first, like a WWII fighter plane), it would be a natural in Los Angeles, where the sun's always on and the traffic jams likewise.  $117,000 USD, which will seem like a better deal as the price of petrol continues going up.  [GT]

The world’s first commercially-available electric-solar hybrid, and a sporty one at that [via Gizmag]

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Unveiled in Chicago mere hours ago, the Chevrolet Volt is a hybrid with a difference. Instead of using petrol to propel itself directly, it uses petrol to charge its internal batteries back up, for when you don't have time or access to plug it into the mains. It also charges itself when it brakes, like a traditional hybrid, so engineers are not making a terrible overstatement when they joke that it gets between fifty and a million kilometers per liter. Not half posh either. [GT]

Chevrolet Volt [via MIT Technology Review]

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