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It's often difficult to reconcile being a petrol head with being green. There may be more green cars about now than ever before, and some of them are very good-looking indeed - as evidenced by the Sexy Green Car Show at the Eden Project. But there's good-looking, and there's ohmygod I'd rather own that than a Bugatti Veyron, which is where the Koenigsegg CCXR comes in. It's the sort of car that makes you think impure thoughts.

featherdown-thumb.jpgReal spring is here now, so why not leave the ratrace behind and get a breath of fresh country air at Featherdown Farm. Located in the most beautiful areas of farmland and Nature Reserves throughout Britain, Featherdown provides a unique holiday experience. You will live in harmony with the local environment whilst experiencing life of a working, organic, farm.

DSA.JPGAs of September, the Driving Standards Agency will be introducing a new element to the driving theory test - fuel efficient driving - which will help future drivers cut down on carbon emissions as well as saving on fuel.

Further more, in the recently published version of 'Driving - the essential skills' they've included a whole chapter on eco-driving looking at various issues including use of the accelorator, carrying weight and so on.

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bike%20station.gifThe Bike Station is a project which renovates bikes donated by the public and then passes them on to vulnerable groups, such as the homeless, unemployed and mentally ill. Some of the recycled bikes are sold on to raise funds for the project. They also work with schools and groups to encourage the use of bikes as a sustainable, green, healthy way to travel.

For anyone living in London, the Oyster Card is already an essential item if you don't want to pay through the nose for public transport. But the cards have just been given a stylish makeover for Oxfam by a host of top design houses including Katherine Hamnett, Gharani Strok and Frostfrench.

The funky wallets (which can, of course, be used to carry any credit card sized item) are available via Oxfam's Ebay Shop at £4.99, or at Oxfam's Notting Hill and Westbourne Grove stores in London. All proceeds go to Oxfam's I'm in campaign, the charity's movement to fight the injustice of poverty worldwide. You can also sign up to the campaign at Oxfam's website, and receive a free wallet. I'll bet these limited edition designs will become hot property soon, so get in quick!

Look out for Pret a Manger's Cute Little Vans


One of these nearly ran me over on my way into work this morning, but I didn't mind, because (a) it's cute, (b) it runs on green energy and (c) I felt sure it would just make a noise like a squeaky toy as I bounced off the bumper. It's actually one of Pret's new fleet of electric vans, used for deliveries and the company's daily charity runs - a good way of cutting down on food wastage.

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cbgwinner2006.jpgI'll always be sceptical of the phrase 'green motoring', but there's no denying that for many people their car is either a necessity for getting around, or one of the luxuries they'd least like to give up.

To help those who are eco-conscious but want the freedom of their own set of wheels, the Environmental Transport Association produces a yearly guide to the best (and worst) cars on the market from an environmental viewpoint. The 2007 guide has just been launched.

train.jpgYesterday I found out how to escape Britain by train more cheaply - today I've discovered some ways to take advantage of the byzantine rail fare structure when staying inside the country, courtesy of some tips from the BBC.

Most of my friends think I'm mad for choosing to use the British train system to get around when I can drive, but green concerns aside I still have an idealised view of the way trains should run.

eurostar.jpgWhen I get bored at work I often start daydreaming about escaping somewhere interesting. I know that cheap flights are a completely irresponsible green sin, but on a long Monday afternoon, those £20 Ryanair fares start to look tempting.

Luckily, before I had time to had time to convince myself that the destruction of the planet is a small price to pay for a winter holiday, I noticed the latest special offers from the Eurostar...

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Battery-powered biking from PowaCycle

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PowaBlade-550.jpgNo, that's not an exercise bike; the PowaCycle you see to your left is actually a fully mobile, road-going vehicle, and I want one.

What better way to nip around the city streets (or, even better, a scenic country road) than by bike - but without the hard work of cycling or the pollution and paperwork of motorbikes? This one is a steel framed model that runs on lead batteries, and at £199 it's cheaper than a lot of the posher pushbikes. If you do want to have a bit of a workout, you always have the option of switching off the motor, too.

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Green for the long haul: Flight free travel

Bight-Side-Beach.jpgPeople are going to great lengths to be green: in some cases, as far as the other side of the world. Yesterday, I read that a 36-strong group are planning to take an old Greyhound bus from the UK to Australia, with stop-offs in 20 countries during the 12-week journey. It sounds like one hell of an adventure, and quite possibly absolute madness, and begs the question who on earth would be that dedicated? Fortunately for us, the answer is very close to home, as our correspondant Ben Keningale is about to embark on a very similar exploit himself. Read on after the jump to find out about his incredible plans to journey down under using trains, boats, coaches and all manner of other non-airbourne vehicles.

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Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid concept car


The Saab 9-3 BioPower Hybrid concept car has a 2.3t engine which delivers 14% more power and 11% more torque when running on E85 bioethanol compared to petrol, which means you can really gun it down the M5 but still feel virtuous about burning cleaner fuel (though if you have to use petrol, it can take it).

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Oscars: Stars to be seen in green limousines

tesla2.jpgIf we'd decided to travel to the Shiny Awards last night by limo we'd have been sure do it in the only sort to be seen in this year: a green limo. Stars going to the Oscars on Sunday are fighting to reserve a seat in one of the top electric-powered cars, and Global Green USA has foreseen the demand for green transportation and already lined up 30 of them...

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The Ford Interceptor is pretty comfortable, powerful and bulky in a way that you might expect to have a ghastly eco-footprint - but it also can run on pure ethanol, and is designed to be aerodynamic and fuel-efficient.  It also has full high-tech audio (letting you turn it into a giant iPod dock if need be) and climate controls but you can also shove them behind a panel if you want to go retro.  [GT]

Ford Interceptor

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The Ford Airstream Concept Vehicle provides total comfort at 6 liters per 100km.  If you get stuck escorting hordes of young Baden-Powell wannabees across hill and dale (I had 53 badges myself; had to start sewing them on a sash because there wasn't room on my arm) you want to be able to plug in to mains power to get re-energized.  Where most energy-efficient vehicles are going compact, the Ford Airstream is about travel comfort (and being able to afford to travel; the price of petrol what it is, unless you go green you'd better walk.)  Plus it's all chromy and futuristic on the outside, even classier than the ship from Spaceballs.  [GT]

Ford Airstream Concept Vehicle [via Cocolico]

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