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terra plana shoe2.jpg
In a remarkably short space of time, Terra Plana has become the UK's best known name in sustainable footwear. With its instantly recognisable, cutting edge styles, its designers have come up with footwear that people really want to be seen in, blowing earlier ideas about 'hippy' footwear completely out of the water.

And the latest collection shows that Terra Plana's star continues in ascendent, with some really funky trainers and colourful strappy sandals added to its existing lines. New styles include the Aqua (above), which boasts an ultra thin puncture resistant sole that gives the wearer the feeling of being barefoot.

greenwash guide.jpgAs green consumers we're all engaged in a battle to stay one step ahead of the greenwash that's cropping up in new forms all the time.

The trickery used by marketing bods is getting subtler and cleverer by the day and it's therefore important to stay up to date with their techniques.This online guide from Futerra is worth reading even if you do consider yourself clued-up on greenwash, and only takes a few minutes to read. The 'ten signs of greenwash' list is particularly worth a look, if only to ensure you remember the basic warning signs next time you're out in the wilds of the high street.

kevin from the apprentice.jpgAn ill-advised decision to sell eco-themed greetings cards proved that jumping on the green bandwagon doesn't always pay off, on last night episode of The Apprentice.

Browbeaten project manager Kevin Shaw (pictured) bore the brunt of his team's failure and was duly given his marching orders by Sir Alan. But it was surely sour-faced Jenny - the originator of the idea - that deserved to be out of the show...

leona lewis.jpgIt seems as though Leona Lewis is pretty serious about following in the footsteps of Natalie Portman by launching her own vegan fashion line.

The vegetarian singing sensation, who is currently in Australia to promote her new album, is reportedly "determined" to start her own ethical range of fashion goods. And if so-called 'talks' continue, we could soon be seeing a brand new label from the star who is keen to give fellow vegans more choice when it comes to their wardrobes.

[via Catwalk Queen]

Geek_Lifestyle3-pr.jpgApparently, it's now the height of cool to be seen with the word 'geek' across your chest.

If you'd like to advertise your social reject status to the rest of the world (or, perhaps, make a deeply ironic gesture) then the good news is you can now do so in eco-friendly style. Nigel's Eco Store is selling two versions of this t-shirt (red or white) which is made from a blend of naturally sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. The hand-printed tees are silky to the touch, and slim-fit for that cool vintage vibe. £22.99 at Nigel's Eco Store

I'm not a douche bag.jpgBelieve it or not the Anya Hindmarch spoofs are still coming thick and fast. Maybe not quite with the same level of intensity as we saw a year ago, but I want to collect the set and the latest I've spotted is the 'I'm not a douche bag' bag.

Unlike the bag it parodies, this tote makes no bogus claims to greenness and I'm not going to make any on its behalf. But if you think it would make an amusing alternative to plastic, you can buy it for $19.99 at Cafe Press

Canadian industrial designer Alexandre Verdier has designed what has got to be the ultimate hippy lust object: a classic VW camper van that's as green as current technology will allow.

His idea for the Volkswagen Westfalia Verdier came to him when he was travelling around Europe in a traditional VW camper in 1994. Updated for the eco age his version comes with solar panels, a GPS to calculate the optimal position for maximum sun exposure, an on-boar wi-fed computer, pneuamtic suspension, sliding doors, integrated folding staircase, and a swivel cooking range to cook inside or al fresco. It also has a hybrid engine.

[15:43:15] Isabelle Shiny says: marie claire survey eco ethical fashion fairtrade.jpgA survey comissioned for a special eco-themed issue Marie Claire which comes out in June showed that thirty-something women are leading the way in all things ethical and green. Overall a majority of women said that fair trade or ethically sourced products are a factor when purchasing, and that their fair trade spending has increased within the past year.

When it comes to designer and luxury goods 80% of readers are prepared to splash out more money on items that are ethically sourced. And despite earning power being split down the middle between the genders, the survey found that over half of the women were the decision makers when it came to household purchases.

[Via Catwalk Queen]

Fashion+Made+Fair.jpgIf you're looking to get your hands on some affordable fairtrade fashion from the biggest industry names, here's a big date for your diary.

Fashion Made Fair is holding its first big sale of the year at London's Truman Brewery, from 15th - 18th May. Featuring ethical, sustainable, fair trade and eco brands, you'll find some amazing bargains here with up to 80% off retail prices. The event is well timed for kitting out your summer wardrobe -- I spent most of last year's warmer months in my beloved People Tree shorts, which I'd picked up for a cool 20 quid at the last May sale!

Miley Cyrus.jpgEarth Day still seems to be having a rippling effect. The celebs are out (again) promoting some sort of gadget. This time it's the younger end of the Hollywood scale and they've gone all green. No not from the sick feeling they get each time they take a glance at how much money they make - or is that just me then?

They've gone environmentally friendly for teen mag KEWL. Just a few inches long, the solar chargers are portable and can charge your device in about the same time as a USB port. If direct sunlight isn't available, you'll be forced to go back to your old naughty electrical ways. Although Solio completely disregards these options if natural energy isn't available - very clever.

[via Shiny Shiny]

lindsay lohan.jpgI can't say I'd have had Lindsay Lohan pegged as the new face of ethical fashion, but word on the street is that she's to promote the forthcoming re-launch of Visa Swap; the upmarket clothes swapping pop-up shop that made its first appearence in London last year.

Those taking part in Visa Swap drop off their old designer and high quality clothes at designated drop-off points, which are then exchanged for credits on an exclusive Visa Swap chip card. Lohan's role will be to appear in a series of ads for the campaign dressed in vintage clothing.

[Via Ecorazzi]

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adnams EAST GREEN GRASS (2).jpgProduced in sunny Southwold since 1872, Adnams has long been behind some of Britain's best loved homegrown beers. And now, the company says it's brewed a beer that can be called the UK's first carbon neutral beer.

'East Green' is brewed in Adnams' eco-efficient brewery, which has an Energy Recovery System that recycles 100% of the steam created during the brewing process and uses it to heat 90% of the following brew. The beer is made with locally grown barley to minimise CO2 emissions from transportation, and type of hop that's naturally aphid-resistant is used, cutting the use of pesticides significantly. To ensure their carbon emissions were as low as possible, Adnams worked with The University of East Anglia's carbon reduction CRed team, throughout the project. Let's drink to that!

vivienne westwood shoe.jpgThe sheer joy brought into a girls life by the addition of Vivienne Westwood footwear is something that has to be seen to be believed, so I'm sure that plenty of stylish vegans will be overjoyed at the news that Dame Viv will be releasing some of her classic styles in plastic instead of leather.

As well as being free of animal ingredients, I'm told the shoes will be offered at "affordable prices", which has got to be good news for us all.

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solo.jpgThis stylish bit of crib candy is a more elegant addition to the ever growing list of solar powered gadgets. As you can probably tell, it's a table. But you'd never guess what it does, and that's what we like about it.

Called the SOLO, the table is designed to take in all that sunny energy (not so good for the UK just now, then) and turn it into stored power, so you can charge your gadgets when they need refuelling. It's also weatherproof, so if you can't be bothered to cart it back and forth due to the sporadic English weather, it's fine to leave it outside.

Thumbnail image for guerilla gardening handbook.jpgIf you like the sound of guerilla gardening and think you might want to indulge in a spot of this new urban activity yourself, help is at hand in the form of the first ever guidebook to be published on the subject.

On Guerilla Gardening is crammed full of seed-bombing secrets from Britain's foremost guerilla gardner, Richard Reynolds. Reynolds has been illicitly planting flowers and shrubs outside his tower block in South London since long before the term existed, and has now found himself at the centre of a phenomenon that's blooming in cities all around the world.

On Guerilla Gardening is available for £13.99 at Zavvi

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