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howies dolec.jpgFancy a camping trip with a difference? In September, howies will be holding a series of lectures on the company's farm, campsite and hq in Cardigan, West Wales -- and is looking for people with causes they're passionate about to attend.

The 'Do' lectures are all about not putting up with stuff, feeling like you're doing something with your life, and making a difference. So how do you get into this seemingly life changing experience? Read on to hear what you need to do to take part in howies' own words.

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Bubble and squeak.jpgGordon Brown has a point when he complains of the amount of food going to waste in this country. More than 4 million tonnes of perfectly good food is chucked out each year in the UK, and I don't need to lecture you on the starving children in famine-stricken parts, or refer to the sky-rocketing food prices worldwide, to point out how sorry a state of affairs this is.

So what can we do to get out of our wasteful habits? Here's a nice picture of some tasty bubble and squeak to get you in the mood for some lovely leftovers, and in the meantime, Follow the jump for some tips.

cath kidston make.jpgI've been determined not to use the term 'credit crunch' anywhere in my writings because, well, it's just talking it up isn't it? And we'd all like to pretend it isn't happening. But that would mean ignoring all the good things that can come out of penny-pinching -- like getting creative, and greening up your life by avoiding mass-produced items.

What's inside?

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shop greener.jpgShop.com, the UK's biggest virtual shopping mall, has opened up a new section dedicated to 'green' products, split into four categories: organic, fairtrade, energy-saving and chemical- free.

I've not used this site before, but quite like the way it's organised this new section, as it makes finding green products very easy. There are plenty of well known and tested names here too, including Traidcraft, Natural Collection and John Lewis. Another one to add to your bookmarks for easy, ethical shopping.

enamore jour.jpgEnamore is one of those labels I've followed from its early days, and it's great to see its recycled and ethically-produced pieces gracing the catwalk just a couple of years on.

I'm particularly excited about two new collections due to be launched at LFW's Estethica in September: Enamore Jour includes dresses, tops, skirts, shorts and trousers made from an array of sustainable fabrics including hemp, organic cotton, organic silk and bamboo with a sassy pinch of vintage. Enamore Nuit, which focuses on evening and occasion-wear, includes this organic silk 'Marilyn' dress, which Enamore have released as a 'teaser'. I'm anticipating some seriously jaw-dropping pieces here...

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It has often occured to me that surfers are a caring breed, and compared with the average sun-seeker, they seem to have a lot of respect for the places they go to have their fun. It's probably all that getting close to nature that does it.

According to Nollie, this tradition is being taken to a new level as group of surfers has formed a collective of like-minded people dedicated to giving something back to the beautiful and far-flung places they visit. Surfers without borders aims to help communities create a secure water and food supply while improving the environment. Its multi-talented members combine their talents in free Permaculture Design workshops, such as creating dry composting toilets or planting trees. Art projects are also offered to encourage personal empowerment and awareness of environmental issues through creativity.

iphoneThe iPhone's very existence is the main reason why Greenpeace won't fully recognise Apple's attempts to be more eco-friendly in recent years. The must-have handset is loaded with toxic chemicals, they say, including some particularly nasty ones that most other mobile companies have already shunned.

But all that doens't matter anymore, because the new model is going to be encased in potato starch instead of plastic. In a bid to cut down on waste, Apple has announced that the 3G iPhone to be released later this month will come in the fully recyclable packaging made by Paperphone. Thinking about how many of these phones will sell, it's a step in the right direction. But a small one...

[Via popgadget]

dogwalking.jpgThe Dogs' Trust has been doing some great work towards lowering the *ahem* 'emissions' that come from man's best friend, and have pointed us towards some tips for greening up Fido. The good news is that they've concluded that dog-owning families actually have a lower carbon footprint on average than exclusively two-legged ones -- as long as they follow some simple rules.

It isn't all about using biodegradable poop-scoop bags and ensuring you clean up after your pet: there are loads of other ways you can be a greener dog owner. Read on after the jump for some suggestions.

jogya_7.jpgI've raved about their stuff before, but now this crazily-shaped chair by the Fair Trade Furniture company has a holy seal of approval, after a special visitor planted his blessed behind on its unusual, asymetric rattan form. Can you guess who graced the Jogya this weekend?

Follow the jump to find out.

peta1.jpgWhich is worse, fur or meat? In their latest campaign, animal welfare campaigners PETA have turned their attentions from 'celebs who wear fur' to 'celebs who aren't vegetarians'.

Jessica Simpson was among the first to be singled out after appearing in a T-shirt emblazened with the mysterious claim that "Real Girls Eat Meat". (Some reckon it's a dig at her boyfriend Tony Romo's vegetarian ex-girlfriend, Carrie Underwood. But still?) They've certainly increased the size of the target, and a big target's easier to hit, but one has to ask: aren't there better things to hate Jessica Simpson for?

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FSC_FlipFlops-big.jpgFlip-flops are getting incredibly hi-tech these days, with most brands claiming their shoes will eliminate cellulite, radically alter your posture or reprogramme your DNA.

This pair, on the other hand, just promise to decompose when you're done with them and leave as light a footprint in the sand as possible. The world's first FSC-certified flip-flop is made under fairtrade conditions, and contains no harmful PVC or EVA. Pick up a pair before your hols for £14.99 at Nigel's Eco Store

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eco house2.jpg

It's surrounded by 192 acres of organic farm and countryside, comes equipped with a composting toilet, has its central heating provided by a woodchip burner and has its own kitchen garden providing fresh fruit and veg for the lucky residents. So who does live in a house like this? (and rent it out at a cost of £600 to £1000 per week). Read on after the jump to find out...

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roberts radio solarRoberts is definitely going to score some major green points with their latest eco-friendly effort - the solar DAB. Not only is it the world's first solar-powered digital radio, but unlike a lot of solar-powered gadgetry, it doesn't need to be in the sun to provide your radio with juice - Marconi would be so proud.

When not directly exposed to sunlight, it is the solar panels and built-in rechargeable batteries that give the solarDAB its energy for up to 27 hours of music listening. It can also run off the mains if you want to reserve its power for when you really need it.

electric scooter.gifOur friends over at Firebox have a real treat coming to UK streets in September: it's a shiny new scooter that looks like a gas-loving mean machine but runs entirely on electric power.

Scooters are a great way to get around town, avoiding any congestion charges and beating the traffic, so an electric model is the perfect choice for the urban eco-warrior. This one is specially designed for cities, and best of all, charges from the mains just like your mobile phone, and costing you a piddly 8p for a full charge. Try comparing that with current petrol prices! Also, the absence of traditional fuel means it doesn't make that godawful 'Rrrrrrrrrrrrr' noise that most scooters do. And that, IMHO, is a big plus.

The Ego electric scooter is available to pre-order now, shipping on 3rd September 2008, priced at £999.95.

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north pole to disappear.jpgIt's never nice being the bringer of bad news, but this story was one I didn't feel comfortable ignoring: it's been reported that Arctic sea ice is retreating so quickly that scientists say there is now a 50-50 chance that it will have gone completely by September.

The Independent broke the frankly quite terrifying story at the end of last week, and bloggers are now beginning to catch on to the enormity of the situation. The fact is, we've never seen anything like this before -- never in human history -- and if it happens, there'll be no more denying that climate change is real. But are we doomed? And more to the point, will it be too late to do anything about it?

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