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bricklane.JPGThe forecast isn't looking to great this weekend, but with loads of indoor eco-friendly activities in the calendar, you won't have to be stuck out in a field to do something fun that furthers the cause of greenness. Read on for my pick of the best green things to do this weekend.

London Ethical Fashion sample sale at the Truman Brewery

If People Tree jumpers for 20 quid and loads of cut-price eco shoes, t-shirts and accessories sounds good to you, you might want to head down to the Dray Walk Gallery off Brick Lane. You'll find some great bargains from some of the hottest brands in the world of ethical and fairtrade fashion. 11am-7pm Sat/Sun.

Read on for more events around the UK

angsty-teen-eco-warriors.jpgTeenagers. They bum about the place, chucking litter wherever they go and laze about in their pants turning the heating up full blast because it's not 'cool' to wear warm clothes. But not this bunch: the angsty teenage eco-warriors are a group of environmentally conscious youngsters who prefer to devote their time to crafting with scrap plastic and re-enacting Shakespeare than consuming. So how did the group come about?

LED christmas lights.jpgWhether you're planning on hiring a tree, growing your own or making one out of books, a tree without lights just isn't a Christmas tree. Traditional lights guzzle a lot of electricity, but a far greener solution is to buy a set of lights made from low energy LEDs.

Will this cost you a fortune? While LED lights used to cost a bomb, the situation is changing as the technology improves.

Read on for the best deals on LED Christmas lights

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I've been banging on about Asus's trend-setting bamboo laptop for ages now, but it wasn't until this week that Shiny Towers finally got to play host to this long-awaited PC.

Tech Digest's Duncan had a play, and gives his views in the video below.

Greenpeace continues to keep tabs on the world of consumer electronics with the publication of the latest version of its 'guide to greener electronics' scale. Nokia has not conceded its position as the greenest-rated company, while Nintendo has failed to progress from its zero score. The reason given for Nokia's outstanding score is its commitment to recycling, energy efficiency and policy on toxic chemicals, whilst Nintendo fails on e-waste, C02 emissions and lack of clear targets. Apple has jumped marginally towards the greener end of the scale after removing PVC and BFRs from its iPods

For more information on how the companies currently line up, visit the Greenpeace site.

cath-kidston-christmas-bag.jpgThe latest bag in the Cath Kidston Tesco range has just been released to its adoring public, and with its limited edition festive design, it's bound to be one of the most sought-after yet. As with all previous designs, proceeds from sales will go towards Marie Curie Cancer Care, and it's made from recycled PET bottles. I can see this being a very stylish Christmas shopping accessory, and a useful one, too, as the bags are hard-wearing and can carry over twice as much weight as an average plastic bag. If there are still any left, the bags cost £3.50 at Tesco.

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fingerless-gloves.jpgThis time if year can be horribly expensive, especially if you don't want to buy mass-produced tat for your friends and family at Christmas. In coming weeks, we'll be rounding up all our favourite green and ethical gifts. But before you even get started on picking out perfect presents, it's worth checking who's offering discounts on their green goodies. I've just done that very thing, and have come back with some tips on where to point your mouse for the best festive eco offers -- some exclusive to hippyshopper readers. So pull yourself up a chair, get out the mulled wine and get shopping!

Hippyshopper reader offer at Peruvian Knitwear

If you're planning to buy stylish winter warmers this Christmas, choosing alpaca yarn will make your gifts really stand out from the rest. Peruvian knitwear is a fabulously ethical new label selling luxury knitwear and homewear, all sourced from Peru, where owner Amanda make regular appearances. Peruvian Knitwear have a great offer exclusive to hippyshopper readers, giving you 10% off all products. Check out super soft long mittens (pictured) and jolly alpaca cushion covers for ideal gifts. Just enter HIPPYNOV2008 at the checkout to claim your discount.

20% discount at Equa

Equa is one of the most stylish eco-boutiques out there, so if you're looking to buy clothes and accessories, you might want to take advantage of a 20% offer that Green My Style have let me in on. Click here for details.

Read on for more fantastic offers

tree aid cake bake.jpgTrees and cakes have no very obvious connection, but it's fair to say that a lot of the tastiest things that go into cakes were once part of a tree (cinnamon, dates, pine nuts, pecans and chocolate to name but a few) and these are all ingredients featured in a new recipe booklet from Tree Aid, with recipes by a host of celebrity chefs including Antony Worrall Thompson.

tree-hugging.jpgAt least, so say the Woodland Trust, who know more than a thing or two about caring for our leafy friends.

From 1st December, the charity is declaring Winter Treehugging Season, encouraging us to get up close and personal with the stalwarts of nature: our country's oldest trees.This is all in aid of its Ancient Tree Hunt, a five-year project to record all the ancient trees in the UK. It's already clocked 20,000 of the 'ancients' around the country, but it's now up to the public to find the rest - estimated to be around 80,000 in number.

knickers 2.jpgIf you're a bit of a lingerie lover, you'll probably have picked up on the fact that underwear seems to have become more cheaply produced in recent years than many other products, using poor quality, mass produced fabrics you'll be hard pressed to do anything with but junk at the end of their lifespan. I know I have: all shop-bought knickers seem to look exactly the same and shrink in the wash.

It's probably no coincidence then, that I've seen loads of classes and tutorials for knicker-making recently, as so many others are clearly drawn to hand-made, sustainable undies.

Follow the jump for a cheeky list of knicker-making patterns and classes!

ecover ocean waves.jpgI've already said my piece for bigging up of the bog, but what can you do to actually improve the status of toilets everywhere? Here are a few suggestions.

Buy an eco-friendly toilet cleaner

Ecover is one company doing its bit for toilets, and is providing financial support to the World Toilet Organisation for the next three years. They are supporting work in 11 villages in Ethiopia, providing sustainable and ongoing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. You can show your support in return by checking out their latest product: a plant and mineral based toilet cleaner called Ocean Waves.

Play silly pee and poo related games online

WaterAid has brought you two special treats today: You can play Turdlywinks or Take a Tinkle Test. It's all in a good cause...

world toilet day.jpgThey say there's a day for everything, and to the uninfirned, World Toilet Day may seem a step too far. But like mothers, fathers and other deserving beneficiaries of such "days", our porcelein friends are almost certainly the most taken-for-granted objects in our lives and it's all too easy to forget that in many parts of the world, this most basic of facilities is a rare luxury. Makes the frustration of queueing at the ladies' looks suddenly seem a whole less of a big deal, dosn't it?

ooffoo.jpgThe guys at award-winning ethical shopping haven Natural Collection have come over all web 2.0, with the launch of a new 'green community marketplace' called Ooffoo.

It's essentially a brand new 'eco spot' on the web where you can swap, sell, give away, recycle and share ideas with like-minded people. So, one of its functions is a bit like freecycle: free swapping of stuf will take place here, but you can also share ideas and pick other members' brains on issues like growing organic veggies in a small flat.

If you'd like to get involved, there's more info here. I'm regiesterd as 'hippyshopper' so hope to see you there soon!

It may not be to everybody's tastes, but Elf Yourself is back, and is likely to be more popular than ever this year as a free alternative to sending out paper greetings cards. Last year, a number of my friends and family members sent out e-cards, and I couldn't help marvelling at how many trees must have been saved. Check out Elf Yourself for yourself, or for something a little less disturbing, you could go to the other end of the scale by picking out some tasteful Christmas e-cards from the Britsh Library's Selection.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Aussie songbird Natalie Imbruglia has joined the campaign to stop using fur, by posing for a new advert for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She is the latest celeb to front the campaign, following in the footsteps of Eva Mendes, Shirley Manson, and Pamela Anderson. For the ad, Imbruglia is photographed nude holding a rabbit in front of her called Topsy. Speaking out on the issue, she says: "There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals' backs. Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year."