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evangeline_lilly_lost.jpgWe were having a discussion in the office today about how hard it is for men to find decent underwear that their wives and girlfriends will actually want to wear; a topic that becomes especially pressing at this time of year. Of course, if you're an eco-concsious sort of couple, you'll be sorted because pretty much every example I've seen of sustainable lingerie is both tasteful and well made. Take Enamore's collection, for example. It isn't cheap, but that only reflects the work that went into it (and the sweatshop labour that didn't). And your green goddess will love you forever for that.

But another way to buy undies-with-a-conscience is to go down the charity route. Pants to Poverty have been doing this for years, but if you want something a bit sexier than boy-shorts, you might want to check out Lost star Evangeline Lilly's lingerie auction. I don't think any of it's actually been on Lilly, but it's all good, gift friendly stuff and proceeds go to Task Brazil, the Brazilian street kids' trust.

emma-thompson.jpgEmma Thompson has become the most vocal celeb-campaigner against the proposed and approved expansion of Heathrow, supporting Greenpeace in their Airplot scheme, which encouraged opponents of the plans to buy plots of land near the development site.

Thompson has spoken out against the plans, making the very reasonable point that any government claiming to have the planet's best interests at heart is somewhat hypocritical to allow such a polluting scheme to go ahead. But it's not Thompson herself who's being branded a hypocrite; not only by Geoff Hoon who one might expect to have a problem with the actress's position, but by fellow environmentalists as well...

kfc-packaging.jpgLet's get one thing straight here: KFC is a bad company. There's no getting around the fact that they kill 850 million battery-reared chickens every year, sell nutritionally-dubious, fatty fast food at dirt cheap prices and regularly make buses and tube carriages smell revolting...

But KFC UK has been getting on the green bandwagon latelty, by introducing a new, more eco-friendly type of packaging that could reduce the amount of waste it generates by 588 tonnes.

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chickenout.jpgIf you caught Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too on Channel 4 last night, you'll probably have a good idea now about the lengths that supermarkets go to to distract poultry-loving shoppers from the realities of how their favourite dish started life. Even when they're not telling out-and-out lies, it seems, shops are using packaging that includes "reassuring waffle" -- or images which imply that chickens live a healthy, outdoor life. All message that are easy to misinterpret as you battle your way through the weekly shop.

So what can you do to stop them?

ciel-koodos.jpgThere are certain things that are great for the environment and your wallet at the same time: turning down the heating, for example. Or not taking too many flights. Buying stylish and ethical fashion, unfortunately, is not one of them...

Koodos is making a good effort to remedy the situation though, adding ten eco-friendly lines at up to half original price. They include my own personal favourite, Ciel: the label's organic silk chiffon dress pictured above left is now £138, reduced from £276.

Follow the jump for info on more reductions

Londoners had a bit of a shock today when what appeared to be a stranded polar bear and cub was seen floating along the thames on a detached iceburg. Thankfully, climate change hasn't quite taken hold so badly as the duo's presence might suggest, as both bear and cub are lifelike sculptures. But they're here to remind us of those melting icecaps and also to mark the launch of a new TV channel Eden, which starts today and features programming including Planet Earth and Attenborough Explores Our Fragile World.

Of course, the changing conditions of our rivers and other waterways have led to sea creatures being swept far from home before, as the tragic tale of the Thames Whale poignantly illustrated back in 2006. Let's hope that our collective efforts will help to ensure there won't be any more bodies washing up any time soon!

lush1.jpgHeads up, Lushies! If your Christmas supply of Lush goodies has already disappeared in a puff of patchouli-scented glitter (or is getting past its use-by date - damn the downsides of paraben-free cosmetics!) then you might want to head down to your local branch today. They're having their traditional 'grab bag day', which sees all remaining Christmas stock stuffed into bags and sold off super-cheap.

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rspb-big-birdwatch.jpgWhether you're a seasoned 'twitcher' or just someone who'd like to get out in the open and learn a bit about our feathered friends, The RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch is a fun and worthwhile project to get involved with -- and it starts up again this weekend.

Now in its 30th year, the BGB is the world's biggest bird survey, which provides the RSPB with a vital snapshot of the UK's birds each winter. Follow the jump to find out how you can take part...

news2.jpgGreen Stars:

Barack Obama received a definite 'thumbs up' from all green quarters, where the tension to see what he delivers is now palpable. Michelle Obama has also received praise for 'not wearing fur' at the inauguration ceremony. Did that used to be obligatory, then!?

Sainsbury's. Supermarkets aren't often held up as examples of clean living, but Sainsbo's came up with a great idea for the problem of wasted food this week: turning it into electricity.

Follow the jump to find out who's in the red...

credit-crunch-eco-lunch.jpgLike many struggling city-dwellers, I've resolved to stop buying my lunch in shiny coffee establishments and takeaway shops and have been opting instead to bring my own home-made fare. The small amount of extra effort this new 'regime' has entailed is already starting to pay off, and I'm very aware of how DIY lunches can help the envorinment too if you do 'em right.

Follow the jump for my guide to an eco-friendly, credit crunch lunch

obama-time.jpgThere's really only been one topic of conversation in the office and all over the web this afternoon: Barack Obama's long-awaited inaugural speech. The 44th president's words have received a glowing response from most quarters, but of course it's the nuggets of information he gave away on what he'll be doing for the environment that were music to Hippyshopper's ears.

Follow the jump for a synopsis.

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terry-christian.jpgIf you've been watching Celebrity Big Brother this time around, you'll probably have noted the fact that the current batch of contestants are fairly unusual for the show: they actually talk to each other, without the need for raised voices or threats. So it was only a matter of time before some serious topics came up for discussion, and in last night's installment of the show these included an exchange between Terry Christian and Coolio on climate change.

Read on after the jump to find out their views...

shopping_directory_post.jpgDo you have a favourite spot on the web or high street for buying eco-friendly and ethical products?

I already have an extensive list of shops and portals dedicated to selling green goods, from food and drink to fashion and beauty products, and these will be appearing in a shiny new shopping directory later on in the week. But it won't be a complete list without your help, and I'm keen to hear about any great businesses - on or off-line - that you think I should include.

Follow the jump to see a list of categories, and please email me with your suggestions. Shops should either be based in (or offer reasonable shipping rates to) the UK.

heathrow expansion.jpegEmotions ran high yesterday, after the government confirmed that it was to ignore widespread opposition from MPs, environmentalists and members of the public, and go ahead with plans to build a new runway at Heathrow. The news has so far been met by a throng of weeping residents, and a showdown in the House of commons yesterday when MP John McDonnell left his seat and grabbed the mace in a heated exchange with Geoff Hoon.

Follow the jump to see a video of what happened

plasma-tv.jpgWe've known for a while that giant plasma screens were a bit too greedy with their electricity consumption, but now the "4x4s of the living room" are facing an EU ban after it was found that most models fail new energy efficiency standards. Plamas use up to four times more energy than 'traditional' CRT TVs and still significantly more than LCD TVs (which look exactly the same anyway if you ask me!)

For now, only the worst of the worst will be phased out, whilst the others will receive an energy star rating, so you're aware of how much juice your telly is likely to suck. The news comes hot on the heels of the supermarket boycot of incandescent lightbulbs, and will no doubt anger die-hard fans of the luxury TV format.

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