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British%20Airways.jpgBritish Airways has performed an about-turn and joined the environmental aviation group launched by Sir Richard Branson last year [Guardian]

Experts assess environmental impact of huge sewage leak in Firth of Forth [BBC]

M&S changes care labels in clothing in a bid to encourage washing at 30 degrees to save energy [Just Style]

Sky, B&Q, Tesco and other big retailers have all got behind 'We're in this together', a new campaign against climate change [view website]

'Green' David Cameron's attempts to be down with the kids by harnessing new technology do not seem to be having the desired effect. At least, not if his YouTube video figures are anything to go by...

In his Webcameron series, the Tory leader talks elections, taxes, environmental issues and other political talking points, as well as answering viewers' questions on video, providing them with a rare opportunity to get close to their leader. But browsing YouTube tells another story: few want a one-to-one with Cameron, but his videos have fired the imaginations of a great many wannabe comedians.

The figures speak for themselves. Once you've scrolled past the numerous 'spoof' takes on Cameron's webcasts, the genuine video clips occupy a sorry space at the bottom of the ratings pile. A clip focusing on green taxes - surely the political hot potato of the day - has only clocked up 54 views, which is significantly less than the number of conservative party members (we've re-posted it here to help him get his hits up). Meanwhile, this Dave-a-like prankster has attracted over 25,000 views. Cameron's 'ask David' series seems to be struggling even more, with a one session getting only 159 hits in four months.

The most-viewed genuine broadcast on the site appears to be a tour around the shadow ministers' offices, in which Boris Johnson steals the show. Coming in with 6,600 views, even Boris's charm pales in comparison with this spoof, which appears to show Cameron smacking his children, clocking up over 14,000 views.

However, David's lack of popularity on YouTube could simply reflect his status as a human being: the vast majority of visitors to the site are apparently seeking relief in the form of cute animals, with the 'otters holding hands' video getting 5,083,742 views to date. Our suggestion? Future broadcasts should either be presented by Boris Johnson or an otter.

CIS%20solar%20tower.jpgThe problem with solar panels is keeping them out of the shade, so what better place to put them than on a giant skyscraper? With this in mind, a new building in Manchester is about to play host to over seven thousand of them, effectively making it the biggest solar panel in the UK.

The CIS solar tower will generate 390-kilowatts of energy, or in layman's terms, enough juice to make '9,000,000 cups of tea'. A forest of wind turbines on the roof will pull in 10% of this figure.

[Via Engadget]

tribewanted.jpgIf you have ever dreamed of becoming a castaway in an eco-sustainable community based in an exotic faraway location, now is your chance. Two UK entrepreneurs established Tribewanted, a real and online island community, with the aim of creating a sustainable village on Vorovoro Island, in Fiji and a bustling online community.

The founders were initially seeking 5000 people to join the tribe. Currently 1149 places are taken. When the numbers hit 5000, the tribe will be constructed and make vital decisions by voting through the Tribalwanted.com community, on various salient issues.

dalby.jpgA new cutting edge, eco friendly, visitor centre has opened in the heart of the North York Moors. Dalby Forest visitor centre, a Forestry Commission property, has been constructed in natural materials and is the centrepiece of a £4.3m regeneration project. It's main aim is to show how modern construction can be 'green' with the use of sustainable and local materials.

Amongst it's features are rain flush toilets, a wind turbine, solar panels and a counter made from old mobile phones, yoghurt pots and wellies! A woodfuel burner, which uses wood from the local sawmill, ensures the building is heated with renewable materials. In addition to the usual events the centre also offers it's visitors the opportunity to learn about the environment and the use of natural resources.

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sainsburysbag.jpgThere's definitely something going on with Sainsbury's carrier bags. First they turned a lurid shade of orange (the chain's 'greener' 33% recycled bags), now they're going to pull them altogether and replace them with eco-friendly ones made from recycled cloth for a day.

Sainsburys, which currently hands out around 1.6 billion plastic carrier bags every year, wants to reduce waste, and is hoping that the 'bag ban' in all of its stores next Friday will encourage customers to get used to life without them.The bags-for-life are available in its stores throughout the year for 10p. What's the betting these become the next cultish Anya Hindmarch-style bag fad? They are limited edition, after all...

[Via Ecostreet]

EurostarTrain2.jpgEurostar pledges to go 'even greener' by sourcing green electricity, with plan to go carbon neutral by November [Earth Times]

Is spring the new summer? Appearence of Hawthorn flowers and swifts in April would suggest so [Guardian]

Ebay has confirmed it will carry tickets for Live Earth concerts, with a mandatory 20% of the price going to charity [BBC]

The rise of the eco blog: there's 'literally thousands' of us now [ic-wales]

papers.jpgI probably get about 90% of my news from online sources - whether that's by reading newspapers online or by browsing other news sites and blogs. I like reading when I'm travelling though, and when I've forgotten to bring a book or a magazine onto a train with me I'm usually grateful to be given a free paper.

But I know picking up free papers isn't one of my greenest habits - there's never anywhere to recycle them so they usually just get left on the seat.

eden-project.jpgEden Project outlines £67m plans for new visitor attraction: 'The Edge' will be dedicated to climate change [New Consumer]

Harrods has unveiled its new 'rooftop vegetable patch', thought to be highest allotment in the UK. [24 Dash]

Frogs offer new climate change warning: Amphibian and reptile numbers fall by 75% in reserve meant to save them [Guardian]

UK warns US businesses: 'invest in carbon-free technology or lose out to Europe' in first Security Council debate on energy, security and climate[New Scientist]

tractor.jpgPlans to combat 4x4s are a failure, according to Transport Committee [The London Paper]

Man who was fined for putting the wrong rubbish in recycling bag loses his appeal against conviction. [Guardian]

Oil rig disaster highlights the 'human cost' of reliance on oil and gas [BBC]

Express delivery giant DHL is to use UK's first zero carbon emission truck for fashion distribution [Just Style]

Sheffield.JPGGreenies in Sheffield will be pleased to hear that 47 new eco-homes have just begun construction in their neck of the woods. The Norfolk Wood site, formerly the site of some ugly concrete tower blocks, has been donated for the project by Sheffield council and will feature one, two and three-bed homes with solar panels, water-saving taps and recycled insulation. Prices start at £55,000.

Read more at The Environment Trust [via BBC]

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Cottoning on to a good thing: sales of fairtrade and organic textiles boom [Guardian]

Pollutants found in oily fish have been linked to diabetes in humans [BBC]

Oil from sunken cruise ship threatens Aegean Environment [ENS]

Huge biofuels plant to be built in Co. Wexford, Ireland [IOL]

Climate change real? You bet!

london%20flood.jpgUK floods are 'less likely than US hurricanes' according to experts, but there've been an awful lot of those recently, and bookmakers have noticed that there's also a fair amount of water in London, particularly around its financial district in the Docklands. So today, they gave Investors their first chance to 'bet' against the possibility of Canary Wharf and the City being flooded by the Thames.

'Rising sea levels and flooding due to climate change could have a devastating effect on both the buildings and the business of the financial districts', came the stern warning from a big German insurer behind the new 'flood bond'. The news comes as UNESCO's World Heritage committee warned that the Tower of London could be threatened by flooding due to global warming. UNESCO has also predicted that just one tidal flood over the Thames Barrier could cost the British economy £30 billion.

A 'mystery killer' is threatening Britain's beahives, costing keepers most of their stock [Guardian]

Tourists face ban from the Galapagos Islands as UN plans to make it an endangered site [Telegraph]

A new UK fund has been launched to help companies go green [Spero]

New York's carbon footprint revealed: big apple responsible for 1% of entire US greenhouse gases [Green Directory]

arnold_schwarzenegger_suit.jpgArnold Schwarznegger has been on his green kick again and good for him, I say. California already leads the way in US climate change and he's even converted his fleet of gas guzzling Hummers to bio-fuel and hydrogen.

According to Arnie, the key to getting people to go green is not to make them feel guilty but to focus on the positives and make green sexier. Speaking at a conference in Washington, Arnie said, "Successful movements aren't built on guilt, they are built on passion."

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