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Eco Fashion Focus: FIN Oslo

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Scandinavia is known for its green thinking and focus on eco-friendly materials, so it was just fitting that a Scandinavian brand would be the first to be featured in our Eco Fashion Focus.

FIN Oslo is a Norwegian label that was founded in 2007 with the vision of introducing high fashion collections that were also environmentally sustainable. Head designer Per Sivertsen explores interpretations of contemporary femininity in his quest for perfection.

"Taking inspiration from ever-evolving surroundings, FIN Oslo collections epitomize a modern, sophisticated Scandinavian look. The signature dusty colours, flowing volumes and attention to detail have led to a strong identity, visible through the collections."

All products are produced ethically; ensuring fair trade values are followed; and are made from organic cotton and bamboo, wild non-violent silk, baby Alpaca yarn or milk fabrics (made from surplus milk proteins that are not intended for food).

The company also buys climate credits based on the level of CO2 emissions from the production of FIN Oslo garments - the funds are consequently invested in renewable projects in the countries where the clothes were produced.

If you'd like to know more visit FIN Oslo's website.

Make your office greener in five simple steps

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On our daily quest to find the eco movements out there we came across Green Office Week - yes there is a week for everything these days.

It's all good being green at home, but what is the state of your office? A 2010 Avery environmental survey found that one in three office workers has a lazy attitude when it comes to looking after the environment at work, despite 69% believing that being eco-friendly at work will make a substantial difference to the environment.

Simply by making a few small changes you can make a difference to the environment - something we all should be doing every day of the year. Green Office Week (GOW) runs from Monday 9th May to Friday 13th May this year and is encouraging you to make your office greener by daily themes. So why not use this year's Green Office Week as a start to a greener office environment!

Check out the gallery below to see how you can make your office greener in just five steps!

Green art: Reverse Graffiti

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It's always great to come across unusual and inspiring green art projects. Have you ever heard of "reverse graffiti"? Neither had we until recently.

Reverse graffiti is when you take filthy, moss covered surfaces and wipe away the dirt to create amazing green artworks.

UK artist Paul Curtis, or Moose as he calls himself, is a reverse graffiti artist. It involves no paint. No defacing. Moose makes his art by cleaning; removing the evils of dirt and pollution by wiping it away.

Below are a few examples of Moose's work. Looking at makes us want to invest in some cloths and a bucket to fill with water and head out in the London streets.





Environmental artist Ha Schult has installed his army of one thousand life sized trash people in the Arctic at Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

The German artist has travelled the world with his sculptures made of discarded materials since 1996 and has been below the La Défense arch in Paris, in the aptly named Piazza del Popolo (the people's square) in Rome, by the pyramids of Giza and now the freezing conditions of the Arctic.






Images: top - www.lokalstyre.no / all others www.haschult.de

This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday 3 April. A celebration of mothers and motherhood since Roman times, UK tradition has it that Mothering Sunday was the day when young boys and girls working as domestic servants were given the day off to visit their mothers. In modern times, Mother's Day is more a day to dote on your mother and show her you appreciate her and the love she so unconditionally gives for the 364 other days of the year.

We love giving and receiving presents as much as the next person, but thought that this year it could be fun to put an eco-twist on it all. So we spoke with Nigel Berman from Nigel's Eco Store to learn his tips on how to show your mum that you care in an eco-friendly, sustainable way.

To celebrate mums all over the world - and in case you can't bake, pick flowers or make anything - we have teamed up with Nigel's Eco Store to give you 10% off your order for eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts.

Simply head on over to our Facebook page, like us and we will send you a discount code tomorrow 15 March to use online.

Eco-fashion From Danish Label Noir

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From ShinyStyle

Scandinavian fashion - and style - is wildly popular outside the boarders of the northern region, with its clean, minimalistic and understated stylish designs.

Danish label Noir epitomises the Scandi style and we are excited about their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Using a mix of tailored leather juxtaposed against feminine cuts, silk and lace, Noir creates eco-friendly apparel that aims to turn corporate social responsibility "sexy."

Ethical Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

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Need inspiration for a greener Valentine's Day gift for the lady in your life?

If you're looking for something a bit different than the traditional chocolate and flower combo for your darling, check out our gift guide for her this Valentine's.

Keep warm with Nordic knitwear this winter

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I'm partial to adding a few Nordic knitwear items to my winter wardrobe. Yes, it could be because I'm a Nordic girl at heart - born and raised in the Arctic regions, where the winters were cold and dark - or simply because the patterns are so cute!

With the snow chaos of Britain fresh in mind, how about updating your 2011 winter wardrobe with these stylish, yet warm, Nordic inspired items from Ethics Girls and Lunacy?! Ja! And they are made with fairtrade wool - double Ja!

Go green with these gorgeous shopping bags

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Most of us have goals and resolutions for the new year. These can be anything from wasting less food to drinking more water. But do you think about what you carry your products home in when you go shopping? Why not make one of your resolutions to ditch those nasty plastic carrier bags, and invest in one of these gorgeous reusable shoppers from Re-Uz London? Not only are they pretty to look at, they will also make you become greener and help the environment.

For only £6.99 these bags can be used time and time again - and will brighten up those dark and rainy months ahead!

Available from Josoblu.

Top 5 Gifts For Cyclists

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Step away from the spandex! We have 5 perfect gift ideas for bike couriers, commuters, and wannabees, that are guaranteed not to blind anyone.

It's the perfect item of clothing. In summer it keeps you cool and stylish; in winter it's an essential part of the layered look. I'm of course talking about the versatile t-shirt. Add some cute animal prints and you get Brat & Suzie.

Launched in 2009, Brat & Suzie is the collaboration between fashion obsessed designer Polly Vickery and illustrator Louise Boulter. Together they create cute hand printed t-shirts with original designs featuring quirky animal illustrations.

Using well-sourced ethical materials which are manufactured in the UK, each t-shirt is hand printed locally in London using vegetable based dyes.

A rising star in the fashion scene, the collection now also includes vests and canvas bags, as well as dresses and will be expanding into shorts for the complete look.

For more info or to buy visit www.bratandsuzie.com.

Support World Wildlife Fund with Pet Society

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Do you remember Tamagotchi, the hand held digital pet that emerged from Japan in the late nineties and took tweenies by storm?

Since then, digital pets all over the world have moved into social gaming and have found a home on Facebook, where they have created their own Pet Society. With over 13 million players joining in each month, Pet Society lets you create uber cute virtual pets that you then need to care for; nurturing their health and happiness by dressing them in the latest fashions (much like reality really) and lavishing them in luxury virtual goods.

But what about real animals who also need some TLC to live happy and healthy lives?

The creators of Pet Society, Playfish is supporting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and its efforts to protect the future of nature. Between 1st November 2010 and 1st January 2011, Playfish will donate 10 cents to WWF for every new player who installs Pet Society via the Play to Give website.

So when your kids ask for a puppy this Christmas why not set them up with a virtual tiger or polar bear on Pet Society instead?

And the best thing about the game, after donating to WWF of course: it's free! But we won't tell anyone.

Since July 2009, Playfish has donated 10% of the purchase price of every WWF virtual item in Pet Society to WWF, with a guaranteed contribution of $100,000 per year. More than 520,000 items have been sold to date.

Re-cycle! Recycled bike gear

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Everyone knows that getting on your bike is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions while keeping fit. Why not go the extra mile and make your cycling as green as possible.

National Curry Week 2010 is fast approaching and to get into the spirit of things, here are the 10 of the best products available to help you spice things up at home!

October 31st is fast approaching, and while it has long been big business in America, Halloween has now well and truly made its way across the Atlantic. A holiday hijacked by consumerism, it can be one of the most wasteful times of the year. Here are some simple ways you can reduce the impact on the earth, while still enjoying the fun this halloween.

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