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footprint_bag.jpgEvery time I write about another 'eco' bag I vow never to do so again. But they will keep bringing out new ones that are somehow crucially different from the last, in such ways that I can't help thinking someone would find useful, and that it might just persuade one more person to stop using plastic bags. So here we go with a new-fangled idea called the footprint bag. Follow the jump to find out what's special about it -- if your bag-fatigued mind can take it. It does have some rather fun features.

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twiggy-frock-exchange.jpgLooking for some fun and uplifting entertainment tonight that might leave you with some useful life-skills? Twiggy's your woman then, as she'll be teaming up with Lauren Laverne for the first in a series of shows about clothes swapping parties tonight, as part of the BBC's 'Thread' initiative. Follow the jump to find out more about the show and where to find info on hosting the best clothes swap ever.

Edun petrol blue military shirt

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adili edun petrol blue military shirt.jpgPetrol blue is a great colour for autumn and Edun's military shirt is the perfect shade. Team with a grey suit for an updated smart look, or with straight-leg jeans a grey cardigan and mustard scarf for a casual outfit that will get you nods of approval.

It's made from 100% Madagascan cotton and features double front pockets and shoulder lapels for definition, snap it up for £130 from Adili.


So we've seen all sorts of takes on Anya Hindmarch's infamous eco-tote - but this one by Goodone takes the cake really. Full of 'tude, no one will mess with you in the supermarket queue when you're holding this bag! Made of organic cotton cloth, this fairly-traded bag wants to be your new shopping companion...


Stylish and sexy vegan footwear has become something of an epidemic since Natalie Portman helped kick-start the trend last winter. This is the second new range I've heard about in a week, and it's really exciting to see designers getting into this market. These rather Jackson Pollock-esque paint spattered beauties are part of a new range from Olsen Haus, a 'pure vegan' company that is ethical to the core.

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If you're not normally into the Goth look, but want to change your image for Halloween, you don't need to buy anything new. Plenty of full-time gofficks are trying to rid themselves of old gear all the time, and eBay is a good place to find it going cheap. Here are a few fun items I found for a quick goth makeover.

Follow the jump for details...

katharine_hamnett_pink.jpgSome of the slogans on Katharine Hamnett's iconic t-shirts are a bit hard-hitting for the average fashion punter, but this is one I can see having much more universal appeal! All you need is LOVE, emblazened across your chest in cool, cloashing shades of pink and printed on 100% organic cotton. Follow the jump for stockist details...

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What first caught my eye about this quilted clutch was the bizarre fan shape, the great contrasting materials and the textured frill detail around the edge. Bags that catch my eye are pretty much my job, so of course I quickly stopped scrolling. But what had me clicking through to find out more?

NINA-DOLCETTI.jpgThere are still relatively few truly stylish. eco-friendly labels making shoes at the moment (while there is still a staid, 'veggie shoes' image that WILL NOT DIE), so I was thrilled to hear that a new ethical footwear label has come on to the scene after a storming debut at London Fashion Week.

[Via the GIN lady]

giorgio-armani.jpgUntil now, I've resisted wading in on the debate over Giogio Armani's recent run-in with PETA, but it doesn't look like going away any time soon, so let's pick up the story from here. To recap, Giorgio went and got himself on PETA's shit-list when he used fur in his recent collection at New York Fashion Week. Now, that would normally be more than enough to get PETA's heckles up, but what made his crime all the more serious was the fact that last summer, Armini promised never to use fur in his collections ever again. Did he keep his promise?

What do you think...

terra_plana_lauren.jpgIn its funky new range for A/W '08,Terra Plana has picked up on a trend for quilting in footwear that's happily eco-friendly, too.

The fabric on these 'Lauren' slouch boots comes from off-cuts of quilts made in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and makes every pair unique. The boots are cushioned with a luxurious memory foam lining for a really comfortable fit, and the leather is vegetable-tanned. £150 at Terra Plana

veja3.jpgWith their simple and iconic designs, Veja fairtrade sneakers are proving to be a hit the world over, and the brand is now branching out of its native France with a new store to open tomorrow in London's Brick Lane.

Veja's collection has grown rapidly since its launch in 2003, with many new and interesting colour combinations, materials and styles. But the company has remained true to its ethics, sourcing organic cotton from Brazil and wild rubber from the Amazon. You'll find the new store at The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane.

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jungle_bag.jpgIf you haven't got enough shopping totes already (and I have to admit, they do have a habit of wandering, or splitting when you cram in that one extra large jar of Marmite) here's one with an interesting story behind it.

The bags are brought to you by the Chimp-loving UN Messenger of Peace and staunch eco campaigner, Dr. Jane Goodall. She's teamed up with GANT, to draw attention to the plight of forests in Tanzania, where she began her research on primates. To do your bit, buy just one of the bags at £8 each, and the Jane Goodall Institute will plant twenty-five trees, which really does help the jungle grow! Available to order online at GANT.

worn_again_virgin.jpgThere's nothing green about flying. Unless, that is, you're recycling a plane and turning its innards into stuff we can use for blameless everyday activities with a clear conscience. Of course, you could go to the lengths of grounding a plane and turning it into a hotel, but a less extreme solution is to turn your jumbo's upholstery into fresh and funky luggage accessories...

junky styling2.jpgIt's been a while since I've experienced the joys of runways, models and 'fashion canapes', but last week saw me dust off my fashion hat and head down to London's trendy Truman Brewery to check out the spring/summer '09 collection from Junky Styling. Junky have been making recycling cool since 1997 and since they first repurposed a suit, founders Kerry Seager and Annika Saunders have gone from strength to strength, using almost entirely pre-worn fabrics for their stylish designs.

Follow the jump to find out about their latest collection.

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