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We_stickerheartsky If you haven't come across Howies yet, then where have you been?  They have got eco style right down to a (organic) tee.  Howies have noticed that it's too cold for t-shirts at the mo and are suggesting that wearing three at a time may provide extra warmth. I too love wearing my Howies tees all year around and have a clever vest/long sleeve top/cardi layering system going on - with the all important Howies message still visible on my chest. 

Shop for Water Aid

Bluepaisley We shouldn't need a reason to donate to Water Aid, the charitable organisation who provide safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people.  If World Water Day did not move you to give, then this Wright and Teague necklace and bracelet will be sure to tempt you to support this good cause [see article here].  Plus there are other ways you can donate to Water Aid through shopping.

Colourful_clouds In my latest blog search I have uncovered.............

the weird craze of flowering tea [via Slashfood];

great facts and tips in recognition of World Water Day this week [via City Hippy]; 

the new clothes swap phenomenon [via Treehugger TV]

and a helpful site which answers all your eco-queries [eco-worrier].

Poster Did you know that the eco-fashion industry is worth £43 million?  That's according to the Crafts Council who have undertaken the first survey of this fast growing industry, which has been five years in the making.  Entitled 'Well Fashioned - Eco Style In The UK', the exhibition will include a range of customised denim and streetwear, as well as recycled evening wear and even eco wedding dresses.  Designers have used either organic and natural materials like hemp or given value to reusing synthetics.

Still charming

                       Hippyshopper's Chaarmare not adverse to a spot of bag shopping but surely bag charms are pointless consumer tat? Bag charms are everywhere, but the girl's at The Bag Lady have not yet tired of them! If you haven’t already got one and feel forced to give in to your [ethical] consumer urges, then here’s a gorgeous emerald and gold one from fair-trade brand People Tree for just £10. [Ella]

[Originally posted at The Bag Lady]

Silver Ecoist is self-defined as "an individual that seeks a modern eco-minded lifestyle". Creator of modern handbags made from sweet wrappers and other food packaging, Ecoist make use of materials discarded due to printing defects or discontinued products.  Designs include disco-shiny silver clutches from $32 (pictured) and large 'confetti' multicoloured totes to fit everything but the kitchen sink.  The best bit is that Ecoist plant a tree for every bag purchased, with Trees For The Future. Like you needed an excuse to buy another bag? [Ella]

729094The high street fashion and accessories store, Monsoon, is a founder member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. The company maintains that it is committed to bringing improved standards for workers across the globe.  Extra ethical marks to Monsoon for setting up a charity in 1994 that provides education for underprivileged children in India.  Named The Monsoon Trust, you can support the cause by purchasing their annual charity t-shirts for women, men and children.  The pictured men's cotton t-shirt with peacock design is priced at £18 and all profits go to The Monsoon Trust.

0_1 Product Red is an ethical initiative encouraging consumers to join in the fight against HIV and Aids by supporting The Global Fund.  The brand was launched by Bono back in January, together with partners American Express, Gap, Armani and Converse - not your typical ethical campaigners, I grant you.

Each company produces a 'Red' (not necessary of that colour) product from which profits will go direct to The Global Fund. American Express' 'Red' credit card has no annual fee and at least 1% of your spend will go to the fund.  50% of the profits of the Gap 'Red' merchandise will be donated, including a t-shirt priced at £14.50 made from African cotton, manufactured in Africa.  The pictured Emporio Armani glasses, as worn by Bono, are available from April 2006 and Converse have created a unique Chuck Taylor All Star boot from a traditional African mudcloth design.

Outfit90Millions of Britons are regularly enticed by the supermarkets and glossy mags to buy cheap throwaway fashion without consideration of the materials or the producers.  What's the alternative? Besides wearing charity shop finds or quality pieces that last a lifetime (that are not just buried at the back of our wardrobes!), our only hope is to patronise the growing number of ethical retailer's who support fairtrade, organic production or reuse fabrics.  Our fashion archive boasts a range of these retailer's and I'm pleased to recommend my latest discovery - Rebe.

Ethical MP3 Covers

Spri0620x314l Bishopston Trading Company are selling a 'must-have' product for all you hippyshopper MP3 owners.  Made from organic cotton and fairly traded from India - the covers are padded, with a long strap and a back-pocket for ear phones.  Priced at £3.70, you can afford to buy one in every colour - sea green, heather, stone, clover or genetian.  Plus don't forget to check out their matching Spring 2006 clothing range "inspired by the rivers and meadows of the Swiss Alps in early May". [Ella]

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Yaj7z6m17ns98_b I get a bit nervous when I mention big companies, after the debate sparked by Nike's ethical shoes [see post here].  But sometimes you've got to give people the info and let them make up their own minds.  Armani has been reported by many, including Michael Van Straten in his book Organic Living, to be using undyed linen, hemp and organic cotton in his collections.  The men's blue top pictured is made from 100% hemp, with Armani logo and stitching detail and is on sale at Brown Bag Clothing for £79.  If logo's are a no-no as for as your concerned then check out Howies new 'brandwashed' organic tee. [Ella]

200511021820401_en101isv12 The combination of environmentally friendly hemp and silk in this camisole combined with the reuse of beautiful vintage fabric is a clear winner.  Priced at £55, its the epitome of green style for Hippyshoppers.  The camisole is available from Enamore at The Natural Store, who have a range of beautiful and unique designs that suggests hemp may be the future for fabric. Be sure to check out their forties style dresses, silk skirts and kimono wrap tops. [Ella]

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Vegan Values

The quest goes on for non-leather bags that look as good as leather. Sadly, I think that day is a long, long way off, but this one caught my eye as a possible contender. The 'Hannibal Earth' is £80 from ecologically sound label Matt and Nat. From the picture it looks pretty darn good, although I’d like to see it in the flesh (as it were). [Sharon Edge]

[Originally posted on The Bag Lady]

Blazin' the crop

LogoTHTC make Urban Eco-wear, T-shirts - sweats and hoodies all made from organic hemp. Set up in 1995 at Hull University running club nights under the banner 'Hempology', and disseminating information on the wide uses of the hemp plant, they soon established themselves in seven other Uni's in the U.K. As well as the clothing line, The Hemp Trading Company work with DJ's and MC's organising club events and they support academic studies into sustainability. They are currently involved with a project for young offenders in Feltham. The industrial hemp plant is one of the world's most undervalued crops, and is THE PLANT THAT COULD SAVE THE PLANET - it can be made into nutritious food (packed with Omega 3-6-9), building materials, biofuel, clothing, paper and the plant is fast growing, needs no irrigation and is totally biodegradable! Interestingly enough the U.S.A. prohibits the growing of hemp. Hmmm. ( Ian 'Hip Hop' Harris)

Ciap023 Shared Earth specialise in Fairtrade products and have stores nationwide.  They sell a wide range of jewellery, accessories, gifts, ceramics and recycled stationary.  I love the wall hangings which would be ideal for a kids bedroom or anywhere that needs brightening up.  At a reasonable £29.99 the intricate hangings come in various designs including jungle (pictured), springtime, under the sea, dinosaurs and dancers. Shared earth are of course a member of BAFTS and IFAT. [Ella]

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