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Kuyuchi.JPGOrganic and ethical fashion store Kuyichi, has launched its Autumn 09 collection.

The collection will use organic cotton, as well as new sustainable materials including bamboo, recycled polyester and vegetable tanned leather and consists of a huge range of clothes.

We love this puffa jacket, which has been made from 50% recycled PET (recycled plastic bottles) and 50% recycled polyester, meaning we can look and feel good at the same time.

There's also a range of checked shirts, super tight denim leggings and jumper dresses.

We've been having a scout around the company's website and we have to say we're impressed with what we saw. We especially love the Track & Trace service that tells you the story behind your Kuyichi garment through the code of the hangtag.

You can see where the raw materials grow, where they are turned into fabrics and how they are transformed into Kuyichi garments. You can also see where you're item was made and meet the people who produced it.

SAPHIRE _cheryl copy.jpgFashionistas can now get Cheryl Cole's look and keep their conscious clean, writes Shiny Style's Andrea Petrou.

Neon Collective, launched last month, is an eco-friendly veggie website aimed at people who want to be ethical yet stylish.

The company says all its items are 'responsible luxury' and are made completely free of animal of animal products. There is also no sweat-shop policy.

This has not only grabbed us, but also Cheryl Cole who was pictured wearing this pair of shoes from the site. Costing £367 they aren't the cheapest around but think about the animals you'll be saving by purchasing these.

Eco-friendly bags from Use UK

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Button Clutch Olive Green and Aubergine.jpgIt seems that we're becoming far more eco conscious when buying our accessories.
Eco-friendly fashion company Use UK is facing such a demand for its individually designed and ethically produced handmade clutches that it is launching a sister site dedicated solely to these eco 'it' bags.

'I Love Clutch Bags' has a gorgeous range of clutch bags made from sustainably sourced leather and accessorised with vintage buckles and buttons.

The bags are made from leather bought from a UK supplier who follows Carbon Trust guidelines on sustainability. Each bag has a 100% silk lining and the company claims it searches high and low for beautiful clasps and buttons, some of which date back to the 1930s.

Each bag is also claimed to be a genuine one off, perfect for those of us who like to be different and prices are also an eco conscious decision for our pockets with prices starting from £48.

They may not be Louis Vuitton but we're more than happy to buy a bag when they look at good as this.

Via ShinyStyle.tv

Diet Coke and Patricia Field Eco-bag

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DietCoke-PatriciaField2.jpgDiet Coke has teamed up with Patricia Field to launch a new eco-bag made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. Available in hot pink, the bag features a striking print inspired by words from the fashion world. It will be available in selected Boots stores from 22nd October and will be free when you purchase two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke.

Patricia Field comments: "Together with Diet Coke, I'm showing that an eco-friendly bag doesn't have to be brown, it can be fierce. Enjoy it. After all, the compliments you will receive, I know you'll use it over and over. That's why it's called 'Where did you get that bag?'".

Not really too sure about the look of the bag to be honest, but then I guess it's not really aimed at me, being male and 40 rather than 20/30 something female - the target market for Diet Coke drinkers.

Coke Zone

Layer up for seasonal change

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polkadots.jpgForget heat, its precipitation playing havoc with the weather this autumn. With humidity levels above average, those unable to jump on a yacht in search of an Indian summer face a constant battle to maintain a tranquil mind. However, that proves quite difficult as every decision taken can have potentially catastrophic effects on our state of Zen.

The first challenge takes place every morning when women face a daily battle with their wardrobe. The current climate, both physical and economic, leaves even the most fashion-conscious woman wondering what to wear. Too many clothes may leave you feeling hot and bothered while too few, might leave you chilly by the evening, or worse still, resembling a drowned rat if caught in a dramatic downpour.

The answer? Wearing layers will enable you to shed them when you face the heat but wrap up warm when it inevitably cools down in the evening, not to mention providing a useful shelter from the showers. Ditch the jackets this autumn and invest in one or two handy pashminas which can be worn in all manner of fashions, not to mention folded away when not required. Feeling and looking effortlessly chic, yet also safe in the knowledge you are prepared for any weather eventuality will help keep you chilled during this humid spell.

During these unpleasant weeks when you yearn to be back on your two-week holiday may make getting out of bed difficult, not to mention, the motivation of getting an early night hard to locate. Yet, two simple purchases can be made to help you get through these troublesome months. Invest in a separate morning and evening shower gel. For the morning, overload your senses in energising jojoba and citrus scents which will wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed for the long day ahead. For the evening, invest in a relaxing, lavender-scented shower gel which will leave you looking forward to getting home from work (as if you were not already!), getting in the shower and ready for an early night.

There is one final step which can be taken to ensure you avoid the daily battle against the humidity and that is investing in a deodorant you can be certain will keep you dry all day. Sure Maximum Protection provides twice the protection of the best-selling anti-perspirant. The secret formula comes in a light, creamy stick which is perfect for popping in your handbag - and lasts 48 hours. Unlike other deodorants, Sure Maximum Protection does not dry your underarms and instead moisturises the skin leaving you with confidence no matter what you choose to wear.

Finally ready to take on the world, leaving the house you face the biggest challenge of all: how to get to work. While jumping in a car is a luxury many crave, it is not always the most viable option. Hopping onto the tube or metro may prove more unpleasant than even on the hottest summer's day. The bus may prove to be crowded, hot and ultimately, slow, adding to your daily stress level. While cycling may seem the quickest and easiest choice, on some roads you may find yourself dicing with death. It may well be down to your two little feet to transport you to work as walking may turn out to be the most agreeable option, just ensure you invest in an umbrella to protect you from the inevitable showers!


Sure Maximum Protection is available from leading chemists and supermarkets. For a list of stockists please call the Sure Customer Careline 0800 085 2639. RRP £4.99.


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radiohead-waste-bottle-jacket.jpgIf you're off to one of the season's many festivals and are already freaking out about the rain forecast, you might want to check out this fantastic lightweight jacket made from "approximately 15 old bottles".

Not only is it the cutting edge of style and eco innovation, it's also associated with one of the greenest bands on the planet, as it's available through Radiohead's own online eco emporium, w.a.s.t.e. It should also keep you dry.

Bag one here for £45

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eco-chic-festivals.jpgIt's about this time of year that I cast off my (second hand) designer gear and girly frocks for something a whole lot more grungey before heading out to slum it hippy-style in a field for a bit.

Organic, recycled and fairtrade labels excel in festival clothes and accessories, so one of the best places to look if you're dressing for Glasto, Latitude or Leeds are the hippyshopper faves. I've picked out a few festival-friendly outfits here, most of which are now available at great prices, as the summer sales are in full swing.

Read on over the jump for details.

vegan-queen.jpgThis unusual and regal-looking clutch bag has more than a little of the Vivienne Westwood about it, but it's not Dame V at all: this bag's from eco chic emporium Fashion Conscience, where you'll find a jaw-dropping selection of non-hippy clothes, shoes and accessories for those who don't want their fashion habit to inflict too much pain on the planet.

Or, as in this case, the inhabitants of the planet, because as its name suggests, this bag is made from 100% vegan materials and lined with organic cotton. A great choice whether you're an ethical fashionista - or just want something a bit different you won't see on any high streets. Each bag is made to order, and you'll need to allow up to two weeks for delivery: £175 at Fashion Conscience

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outsapop.jpgThis amazing reconstructed sweater was made (or re-made, you might say) by Outsapop. It started out life as four different jumpers which were then cut up and sewed back together to make this electric number. Not only does it look cosy and comfortable, but teamed with a pair of leggings it would make a really stylish outfit.

A brilliant idea if you have a load of sweaters that are out of fashion or frumpy. As well as earning yourself green points, you'll also be condensing your wardrobe! If you're feeling inspired, you can find a tutorial here. [By Steph Powell]

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emobi-swim.jpgIt's not really often we get a range of clothes that are eco friendly and stylish too, but Emobi have filled the niche in the market.

This cool swimwear brand uses a range of environmentally friendly water based dye that minimises the impact on the beaches and waterways. If that's not enough to sell it to you, they're made of UPF 50+ fabric, so they're kind to the environment and to you! Right on trend, the colourful array of bikinis and one pieces feature cut out designs, florals and frills, and sizes go from an 8 to a 14, and A to DD Cup. Buy them at Fashion Conscience. [Stephanie Powell]

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purple-peaches-bracelet.jpgI'm not Peaches Geldofs' biggest fan, but I was pleasantly surprised by her new collection of jewellery for Made. The range is sustainably produced and ethically made using recycled brass door handles, padlocks and bath taps, as well as wood and bone.

Distinctly spring themed and quite reasonably priced, the bracelets, earrings and necklaces feature daisies and unicorns (maybe inspired by Peaches' own tattoos?). The delicate Daisy Chain Bracelet is one of the best pieces, brightened up with a bold splash of purple, and at £18 would be a great addition to any summer wardrobe.

But hurry; they're limited addition, so get them while you can. Available at Ethical Superstore. [Steph Powell]

article-23.jpgThinking of tying the knot but don't like the fuss or the waste of big weddings? When I stumbled on this wonderfully clean and simple strapless dress on Adili, it immediately called to mind the sort of wedding that stressed-out brides-to-be dream of: the sort where you just put your stuff in a bag, find a beach somewhere and do the deed at sunset.

If you're one of an increasing number of couples who've actually bypassed the daydream and chosen that route, this could be just the right dress for you. It's not only beautifully light and stylish - a simple version of the empire line dresses making waves on the catwalk just now - it's also ethically made, from 100% organic cotton, under acredited fairtrade conditions. Find it on Adili for £131

stella-mccartney-sandals.jpgWhat do you wear when it's getting warmer but the rain is never far away? Clouds and bruise-blue seem to be big influences in the eco fashion sphere at the moment, so I've picked out a few of my favourite accessories by top green designers.

Follow the jump for details

Vivo Barefoot's Yukam shoe

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terra plana slip on shoe vivo barefoot.jpg

Walking barefoot is one of the pleasures of summer, but unless you're on holiday or a complete hippy with cowrie shells and guitar it's probably better to wear shoes. Terra Plana have brought out their summer Vivo Barefoot range with a thin sole that helps you walk naturally, as if you aren't wearing any shoes. Based on the Alexander Technique principle that walking barefoot is best, it sorts your posture and helps your walking technique.

The Yukam slip-on looks a damn sight better than an MBT and there's no doubt it will make a great summer shoe. Terra Plana shoes are hard-wearing, and this one is bound be your faithful companion while you gad about enjoying the summer sun!

TRAID.jpgIt's gone by so quickly, but it's already been 10 years since TRAID opened its charity shop doors for business selling secondhand and recycled clothing. Offering an alternative model to the usual charity shop, they aim to channel funds from the stores into education and workshops in the UK & development projects abroad.

Marking their 10th anniversary, TRAID are opening a flagship store in retro mecca, Camden on Thursday 7th May. Because of its central location expect to find la crème de la crème of designer, vintage as well as the company's TRAIDremade label. If you missed our visit to the TRAID warehouse in North London you can catch up here, here and here.

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