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Before you say anything, no these aren't actually shoes that you can wear on your feet, but they are pretty cool aren't they? They are ornaments for your home, made from sustainable greenery. So even though you can't wear them, they will make your home look a treat. And as they sit (stand?) there on your mantelpiece, they might just serve as a daily reminder to think about how green your shoes really are... [via Shoewawa]

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beyond skin hazel.jpgHurrah! New shoes for Autumn are in from Beyond Skin, and very stylish they are too, borrowing just a little from the high-fashion world of Christian Louboutin with their two-tone 'statement' heels.

Pictured here is Hazel, a canvas and vegan PVC shoe that will go down a storm with next season's pencil skirts. As ever, they're not cheap. But who wants to wear throwaway shoes? Available now at Fashion Conscience at £158. [Via Shoewawa]

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fashion_conscience.jpgFashion Conscience selects only the hottest ethical fashion around, so when they have a sale on, it's worth dropping by for a bargain.

Among my favourites are these recycled leather thong shoes by Be Good Designs, down from £35 to £25. They've also slashed the price of Aarong Chang recycled bikinis, as well as luxury eco-wear by Ciel. There really are loads of great buys here from a wide range of interesting and stylish labels, so check out all sale items here to go shopping.

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Apart from being reusable, and therefore super-dooper fantastic for the environment, these its-laS-tik™ shoppers reduce the stress your body feels as you attempt to lug ten shopping bags of bottled water, potatoes, dog food and other annoying heavy items home from the supermarket.

They stretch and bounce with you as you walk, meaning you can pack them with even more stuff, yet feel like you're carrying much, much less. And best of all, they are manufactured in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina survivors, who benefit from 5% of the profits from each bag sold. At $14, that's a lot of bang for your buck and a lot of good karma coming your way! [Via The Bag Lady]

peta designer shoes.jpgIf pricey, luxurious designer vegan shoes make you more green with envy than through any compassion for animals or the environment, PETA may have a real treat for you: they've teamed up with Georgette shoes to offer £600 worth of gorgeous ethical footwear.

As you'll imagine, the components of these shoes have never been within a whisker of an animal. Read on after the jump for more info and details on how to enter.

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hip_bag.jpgThis delightfully simple clutch bag is from a collection by Nazly, a Colombian handmade label that takes all its components from its surroundings.

All bags in the range are made using traditional artisan techniques. The Green Set got a bit over-excited about this one, saying it was made from 'dirt or rocks or moss or something', which may not be entirely accurate, but it is fair to say that these bags somehow speak of the beautiful countryside where they originate.

[Via The Green Set]

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cape green tights stocking sequin retro ebay picks belt handbag.jpg
Click image to enlarge

To occupy the remainder of your Friday afternoon we have chosen some great pieces for our eBay picks.
Star of the show is the deep green '60s cape which will make a feature piece in your winter wardrobe. Dotted tights are the best and the Christian Dior pair are brown, which is a little different and a little less 'Allo Allo' than black. If that doesn't tickle your fancy choose from a ritzy sequinned belt and bag set or a classy patent handbag. Full product links after the jump.

Worn Again bicycle shoe on sale

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terra plana worn again trainer shoe.jpg
They're already quite well established, but in case you haven't heard of Worn Again before they recycle old materials making them into shoes and trainers you would actually wear. Seatbelts, tyres and tweed jackets, anything with life left in it is salvaged and used to make their trainers.

Worn Again's bicycle shoe combines simple good looks and green credentials; and what's more they're reduced down to £35 which is a bargain price. The khaki and black colour scheme will look great with a pair of grey trousers for a pared down, minimal look.

sock jewel 2.jpgBelieve it or not, the delicate, fluffy 'beads' on this pair of earrings are made out of old socks. The look a far cry from the sort of thing I find at the back of my linen basket, but I'm sure that with a bit of love and attention, even the stiffest and smelliest old socks could be turned into something lovely, and that's Tabychan's unique skill.

Citing 'all recycled material' as her favourite medium, Tabychan sells beautiful, vibrantly coloured necklaces and other visual treats inclucing juggling balls in her shop. Prices start at just $8.

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bikini hempIt's a sad fact that there's still extremely limited choice if you're looking for swimwear made from eco-friendly materials here in the UK. I've all but given up on sourcing it here, but the good news is I have managed to track down a really good stockist in the US which will ship to the UK at no addtitional charge.

Hemp Huggers has a wide and varied range of cute bikinis and swimsuits in all different styles, colours and prints. As well as the classic style shown here, there are halter tops, bandeau tops, spaghetti-strap tanks and many other permutations on the basic bikini. The garments come in a generous range of sizes and are well priced. Now, can we have a UK stockist please?

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cathkidstonjuly31.jpgWe know you loved the first two Tesco eco-shoppers designed by Cath Kidston. So you'll be thrilled to know that three new limited edition designs are being released in late August and Early October.

As before, the eco-friendly bags will retail at £3.50 with 50p going to Marie Curie Cancer Care. For more information, go here.

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The_Big_Chill.jpgI think just about all of this year's summer festivals have had their own 'claims to greenness' so far, and The Big Chill, taking place this weekend, is no exception. It's hosting an 'ethical runway show' featuring some of the top names in eco-fashion.

While it may not quite rival Glasto's potato starch tent pegs or Latitude's fuel cell stage in terms of direct environmental impact, I think this is actually a smart move on the part of The Big Chill, that will encourage a wider appreciation of ethical threads.

Big Onya - green (2).jpgIf you have a big family, lots of parties or are just very greedy, you probably find yourself regularly having to supplement your bag-for-life with a clutch of supermarkets plastic ones (fail!)

Not anymore, as the squishable, portable Onya bag has brought out a larger version that will carry 35% more stuff than the original bags. Like the other bags in the family the 'BIG Onya' folds down into a compact pouch small enough to carry everywhere. The new monster bags has reinforced handles and a carabiner clip that also doubles as a key ring, so there's no excuse for leaving home without it! It costs a small £8.

Meanwhile, Melanie over at Bean Sprouts makes some interesting points about why we are avoiding plastic bag use in the first place. The answer is not as clear cut as you might have thought, and it's always good to keep up to date on your motives for adopting 'green' behaviour.

boheme.jpgI'd never have predicted it five years ago, but a cute pair of leopard print flats has become almost a staple of the standard fashionista wardrobe, and this dainty pair by Bourgeois Boheme with their neat red piping would add a welcome splash of colour to most outfits without screaming for too much attention.

So how are these colourful lust-objects green?

Natural Cotton Tote.jpgIt's fantastic to see another style enter the hall of ethical fame, and as a big fan of all things fun and 50s, this has to be the first time I've seen totally sustainable clothing and accessories produced in this style.

Red Hot Ruby
is the latest hot label to come out of Brighton, which, along with labels like Organic Stereo and of course Nigel's Eco Store, seems to be a hive of activity for green inventiveness at the moment.

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