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British PM David Cameron might be gearing up to address the question of 'to EU or not to EU' and potentially promise a referendum in 2017. But that's not the only thing on his plate this morning.

Today, Wednesday 23 January, a major new campaign called Enough Food for Everyone IF will call on David Cameron to use his presidency of the forthcoming G8 summit to take a lead on world hunger, which kills two million every year.

IF's research estimates that by 2025, 937 million young people's life chances will be permanently damaged by childhood hunger, and the malnutrition will cost developing countries £78billion each year in lost economic output by 2030. That said, IF also notes that by tackling the four big IFs - on land, aid, tax and good governance - there can easily be enough food for everyone.

100 charities, aid organisations and faith groups, including Unicef, Save the Children, Oxfam, Cafod, Action Aid and Christian Aid, have formed the largest coalition of the aid world since Make Poverty History in 2005, and the campaign is backed by a host of famous faces, such as actors Bill Nighy, Keeley Hawes and Bonnie Wright, musician Baaba Maal, athletes Denise Lewis and Colin Jackson and England rugby legend Matt Dawson.

The IF campaign launches tonight at Somerset House in London and will see its architecture brought to life with a 3D projection on its walls that tells the story behind the campaign: that there is enough food for everyone but not everyone gets enough food. The spectacle will also incorporate live tweets from the public - join the campaign on @EnoughFoodIF - including a message from Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Enough Food for Everyone IF events will be held across the country tonight in London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Northern Ireland and more than 20 other towns and cities. For details go to www.enoughfoodif.org.

mother and toddler flickr-db Photography Demi-Brooke.jpgWith global warming, food shortages and impendent doom looming, chances are the world as we know it will be a distant memory in not too long unless we do something drastic pretty soon.

Some of us are already trying to live as sustainable as possible helping the earth one recycle at a time, but it's safe to say that most of today's grown-ups who haven't yet seen the greener picture are a lost cause. So what can be done?

In order have a future we need at the future citizens of the earth. Enter the 'Green Baby'.

Your tiny tot may grow up to one day become the leader in environmental advancement, but their little feet actually leave a larger carbon footprint than you may realise and can have a considerable environmental impact. So just how can you be a greener parent?

If you dress your baby in cotton (who wouldn't?), it's worth remembering that the main carbon and environmental impact of cotton clothing is in its production. Ask around for hand-me-downs or visit your local charity shop to diminish the clothes' carbon impact. This also goes for toys, cribs and anything your toddler may need in their first years.

Breast is best. Not only is nutritionally beneficial, but it's also a green source of food for your baby. A mother's milk is environmentally friendly as it doesn't need to be processed, packaged and shipped to the shops.

Once your baby is off the milk and eating solids, try to stick to seasonal fruit and vegetables. These are less likely to have been grown in a greenhouse that requires a lot of energy, and therefore have a smaller carbon footprint.

Most importantly, start your child's environmental education early. Talk to them about the importance of a low carbon lifestyle and explain why you think this way. They will grow up to follow your example and will pass the message on to their friends and their own children.

If you're interested in discovering how you can make your baby's future a greener one, the Science Museum in London is hosting a discussion with environmental experts where you can dive into the complex issues around green parenting.

Green Babies; 27 September 2012, 11am to 1pm; The Science Museum's Dana Centre, South Kensington, SW7 5HD; Booking required - 02079424040 or email tickets@danacentre.org.uk.

Image provided by PR / Photographer Demi Brooke

the-developing-city.jpgBoris may have tried to make the capital greener with his bikes, but according to top architects London needs to be greener - and taller - in the future.

A new public exhibition opening this week - The Developing City - will display visions of the City of London in 2050. It will look at how the physical environment of the City - its buildings, public spaces and culture have helped it to thrive as a major business centre, and how it will be in the future.

According to architects, whose visions are on display, The Square Mile will become greener with more parks and riverside walkways, while buildings will increase in height to accommodate continued growth.

The Developing City takes place at The Walbrook Building, London EC4 between 21 June and 9 September 2012.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of breakfast talks, curator's tours, walks, building visits and other special events.

EV Logo 1.JPG

Today Hertz announced the addition of electric vehicles to their Long Term and on Demand car hire. For obvious reasons we were super excited about this news as more electric vehicles on our roads means less harmful emissions clogging up the air!

So to celebrate the expansion of their range of vehicles, Hertz will be showcasing the electric cars at Victoria Station and running a 'spot the car' competition tomorrow 16th May.

Electric vehicles will be parked at secret locations around London and Hertz will be tweeting clues to these locations throughout the day. There are a range of great prizes on offer:

First Prize - 1 x 7 day rental in a Hertz On Demand Mitsubishi I-MiEV (1 available)
Tweet a picture of yourself with the Hertz EV "Join the Hire Revolution" branded electric vehicle to @HertzOffersUK for a chance to win the above mentioned first prize.

Second Prize - 1 x Apple iPad 2, 16GB, WiFi (1 available)
Tweet a picture of the Hertz EV "Join the Hire Revolution" branded electric vehicle to @HertzOffersUK for a chance to win the above mentioned second prize.

Third Prize - 1 x 3 hour rentals in an Electric vehicle (10 available)
Tweet the street name and/or closest landmark near where you think the Hertz EV "Join the Hire Revolution" branded car is to @HertzOffersUK for a chance to win the above mentioned third prize.

So if you're in London tomorrow keep your eyes peeled!


Ahead of Earth Hour 2012, WWF has launched an interactive website - Foodstory - that highlights some of the problems the world is facing when it comes to food sustainability and global hunger. These include:

Producing the meat and dairy we eat causes 30% of the loss of our natural world

30% of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from the food we eat

1.5 billion people worldwide eat too much while a billion people go hungry, which is quite ironic as enough food to feed the world and to create a healthy future for people and the planet

In the words of the WWF, 'If we want to keep our world brilliant we have to change how and what we eat.'

It is time to take action and call for the UK Government and its Food Ministers to develop a strategy to meet the challenge.

Take action at wwf.org.uk/foodstory/

Earth Hour takes place at 8:30pm on Saturday 31st March 2012.

feeding-the-5000.jpgThink about this: The UK has nearly twice as much food as is required if looking at nutritional needs of its populations, while some European countries have more than three times the food they need. The US however is the big bad wolf in the food distribution debate, having around four times more food than its inhabitants need...

Food waste is a real problem in the Western world with approximately 40 million tonnes of food wasted in US households, retailers and food services each year alone - which is horrible considering there are nearly one billion malnourished people in the world. And while governments are worried about over-population and food supply issues, a lot could be done with a bit of re-distribution and more conscious thinking by all of us. How many times have you not bought vegetables that have ended up in the bin one week later because you just forgot about them? In fact, UK households waste around 25% of all the food they buy over a year. Another culprit is the 'rule' that supermarkets cannot sell 'imperfect' produce, in other words vegetables that haven't got the right shape according to cosmetics standards set by some regulatory body. Here's the shocker: they still taste the same as their perfect counterparts!

So while four million Brits and 43 million EU citizens suffer from food poverty silly rules and regulations and mindless waste keep adding to our problems.

Feeding the 5000 hope to show how easy it is to reduce the unimaginable levels of food waste in the UK and internationally, and how governments, businesses and individuals can help.

To show how bad our country's food waste is, Feeding the 5000 is hosting a free lunch for 5000 people made entirely out of fresh ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted: wonky carrots, misshapen potatoes and other fresh surplus produce.

Feeding the 5000's free lunch takes place on Friday 18th November 2011 at Trafalgar Square, London, from 12pm (noon) to 2pm. So head down there for a bite to eat and show your support. Oh and sign their pledge here!

Amanda Holden.JPGTonight on Remembrance Day, 11 November, British celebrities like Peter Andre, Martine McCutcheon, Ester Rantzen, and Nicky Clarke will show their support for our furry friends as they attend the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home's Collars & Coats Gala ball, the biggest annual fundraiser for the animal charity.

The Battersea Home's legendary Guard of honour, made up of dozens of Battersea dogs, will line the red carpet entrance and will most certain provide an emotional welcome to the guests.

The Collars and Coats Gala Ball, which celebrates Battersea's unparalleled work caring for thousands of lost, abandoned and unwanted animals, is hosted by media personality Peter Andre and promises a high octane evening with a distinguished guest list that boasts the showbiz and entertainment glitterati, influential business leaders, society and public figures, stars from the world of sport and British Royalty.

There will be musical performances by legendary act Status Quo as well as Lulu.

Guests include celebrated British actresses Prunella Scales and Martine McCutcheon, fashionista Brix Smith Start, television presenters Esther Rantzen, Kate Walsh and Jasmine Harman, Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel-Horwood, and celebrity hair-dresser Nicky Clarke.


On September 24 over 150 countries will join in on the Moving Planet day to help put the focus on the global climate crisis and spend a day without fossil fuels.

In Moving Planet's own words "for too long, our leaders have denied and delayed, compromised and caved," it is now time to call for the world to go beyond fossil fuels. It doesn't matter if you're marching, biking or skating, just get around in a sustainable way.

On Thursday, people all over the world are organising events that work locally but have a potential global impact: cycle to work, drum up a non-violent march against the use of fossil fuels, or to get your local community to hold a mini-festival with fun, food and talks about creating a sustainable future. The more people that join in the more effect our actions will have!

The global fossil fuel infrastructure is a threat to our planet's future; it is polluting our oceans, our lands, our communities , our air and our lungs. Don't be part of the things that will tip climate change into climate catastrophe - take action now!

If you live in or around London, UK, we found a couple of interesting events that might be worth joining in on:

Camden up Close: a treasure trail

Camden Friends of the Earth will host a treasure hunt that will link some excellent eco haunts, hidden green spaces, unique shops, pubs and cafes using sustainable transport to explore trendy Camden.

To take part, pick up your treasure trail map and instructions from our stall at Camden Lock (outside Lock 17), between 10am and 12 noon on Saturday 24 September.

Be part of London's biggest bike aerial photo - Haggerston Park, Hoxton

Bring yourself - and your bike if you want - to be part of a gigantic aerial art image to create London's biggest ever bike! With an aim to show how transport is a key part of reducing the use of fossil fuel this is a fun event that is certain to get much attention.

To take part, RSVP via their Facebook events page and get to Haggerston Park (nearest tube station is Hoxton) for 12 noon - 3pm on Saturday 24 September.

Check out the video below for more information about Moving Planet:

Organic Month: Why buying organic still matters

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food_you_can_trust.jpgThe Government's Climate Change act has committed Britain to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to an 80% reduction by 2050, with the aim of a 34% cut by 2030. While buying organic was a massive trend in the late 90s, the movement has in more recent years been pushed aside for other green ways of living such as growing your own and buying locally. But organic is not gone and forgotten and September is Organic Month.

To hit the governments targets we must all make fundamental changes to the way we farm, process, distribute prepare and eat our food over the next twenty years says the Soil Association. We all have to think about how we can encourage climate-friendly food production that is less dependent on oil-based fertilisers and pesticides

Organic farmers adhere to a strict set of standards that define what they can and can't do, and that really takes wildlife and environment protection into consideration. Check out the Soil Association website for the rules and regulations of organic farming.

But buying organic is not just about the farming, it also trickles into health and beauty products; it is about food and products that are good for you, good for animals and good for the environment - it is a way of life. Throughout September we'll bring you stories to tie in with living an organic lifestyle and what you can do to get involved. So keep checking in!

MarkThomasCrowdSOCIALJUSTICEZONE.jpgIf you're looking for something to do the first weekend of September why not head to London for the Urban Green Fair?

Returning to Brockwell Park, Lambeth, South London, for its fifth year the great people of the Urban Green Fair Community Interest Company (CIC) are putting on an array of cool events on 4th September 2011. The free fair runs from 11am to 7pm and offers things like films, poetry recitals in the new Poetry Tent, workshops, speakers, children's activities, yummy food and BMX races, which all offer practical cost-effective solutions for a greener living.

Powered using only solar and wind energy this is set to be one great day out in the green.

Shane Collins, Urban Green Fair director said: "As well as being a fun day out, whatever your age, the Urban Green Fair is a chance to learn about the changes coming to our society and how best to navigate them together. Forewarned is forearmed. Whilst climate change is the reason we should make changes in our lives, peak oil will force us to make these changes. This collective action can be achieved through events like the Urban Green Fair, which help educate and stimulate public support for green initiatives. It brings together local people, and those from further afield, to share knowledge and skills that can help us live more sustainable lives."

So get the date in your diary and prepare for a day of learning more about how you can make a difference - and chill at the Solar Cinema with some delicious food.

Visit www.urbangreenfair.org for more information.



nvw-logo.jpgDespite being stuck in the office for most of National Vegetarian Week, 23 to 29 May (shouldn't we all be out and about doing a bit of urban gardening or enjoying a glass of cold organic apple cider this sunny Wednesday 25 May - it is in London at least!), there are lots of things you can do to make it a bit more fun.

Share vegetarian recipes with your work colleagues. Not only is this a great way to spread the word about how fantastic vegetables are, but also a good way to try new dishes!

Use Google to locate a vegetarian eatery near your office and get everyone (or the colleagues you like best) to go for lunch together. Not only could it be a new experience, it will give you some time out of the office to chat to the people you spent most of your time with. Who knows, you might learn something new about them! If you live or work in the capital, check out our top 5 vegetarian restaurants in London.

Alternatively, head to your local Lush store during your lunch break and let the cheerful staff guide you through some of their products. Tip: they will give you a hand massage if you show interest in their massage bars! The perfect way to get rid of some stress and you might even find yourself leaving with a sample or two.

great-gorilla-run.jpgOn any given day in London you get hundreds of flyers pushed up in your face as you navigate to and from work, and you quickly learn how to ignore the street promoters. However yesterday as I left the tube station en route to my office I was intrigued by the people wearing t-shirts with gorillas on them, so I picked up one of their yellow flyers. It asked me: "Could you run 7k dressed as a gorilla?"

I smiled and thought to myself..."NO." But that is just me (because I don't run), and because it's in aid for The Gorilla Organization, a registered charity, I felt I had to share it with you in case you would be tempted to participate.

On Saturday 24th September 2011 - so there is a lot of time to get training still - "the most fun event for conservation going on anywhere in the world" according to Bill Oddie takes place in London. This is your chance to dress up as a gorilla and run 7k among 100s of other runners on the streets of London. By doing the Great Gorilla Run you'll be playing a crucial role in helping save the remaining 720 mountain gorillas left in the wild. So not just a chance to go ape then!

If you're interested and would like to register simply head on over to www.greatgorillarun.org or call 0207 916 4974.

And don't you worry the organisers will send you a free gorilla suit when you register.

project-ocean-9505.jpgWhether you eat fish or not, could you ever imagine a world without fish in the sea?

London landmark retailer Selfridges has launched a new initiative with the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) called Project Ocean through which the department store is collaborating with campaigners to increase awareness, inspire consumers to change their habits and to raise funds to help the world's marine life.

CATHERINE-HAMNETT-T-SHIRT1_1_ALT01.jpgLaunched today, 11 May 2011, the project is both a celebration of the oceans and a forum for conservationists to issue and urgent appeal for people to address issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection.

If we continue like today, we might experience a world with no more fish in the sea in the near future - and we don't want that!

Driven by this unthinkable prospect, Selfridges has given itself over to leading international marine protection campaigners and 22 environmental NGOs as well as high profile activists from the worlds of art, fashion, culinary arts and entertainment.
From today until 12 June Project Ocean will take over the store. Everything from its iconic windows, façade and atrium, to The Wonder Room, foodhall and restaurant will be transformed in homage to the ocean. The Ultralound will act as the hub of all activity so make sure you head down there to see it for yourself! Every Friday evening for five weeks, the Ultralounge will also emerge as the Dive Bar, and be host to musical acts and performances.

guerilla-gardening-1-may.jpgEaster is over and you're feeling all the fairtrade chocolate you devoured over the long weekend. But there are only three working days until we can do it all again! With the royal wedding on Friday and May Bank holiday next Monday us Brits are set for another long weekend (perhaps a bit less sunny and less chocolatey) than the one just gone.

If you're lost for ideas of what to do on 1 May, this cool event we came across on Facebook might be just the thing!

Sunday 1 May 2001 sees the fifth International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day, where guerrilla gardeners around the world unite to sow sunflowers wherever they see fit - such a nice way to bring some beauty to the neighbourhoods.

According to event listing on Facebook by GuerillaGardening.org "make a plan for 1 May and head out to a patch of public land" and we're guessing with some sunflower seeds and get planting!

If you want to see more of what the idea is check out this YouTube clip, and if you're taking part share your photos on Facebook and Flickr.
Happy sunflower planting!

Make your office greener in five simple steps

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On our daily quest to find the eco movements out there we came across Green Office Week - yes there is a week for everything these days.

It's all good being green at home, but what is the state of your office? A 2010 Avery environmental survey found that one in three office workers has a lazy attitude when it comes to looking after the environment at work, despite 69% believing that being eco-friendly at work will make a substantial difference to the environment.

Simply by making a few small changes you can make a difference to the environment - something we all should be doing every day of the year. Green Office Week (GOW) runs from Monday 9th May to Friday 13th May this year and is encouraging you to make your office greener by daily themes. So why not use this year's Green Office Week as a start to a greener office environment!

Check out the gallery below to see how you can make your office greener in just five steps!

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