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London's Blackfriars Station revamped - the world's largest solar bridge

If you've been around the River Thames recently you'll have noticed the construction work taking place on the new Blackfriars Station, which is being built on a bridge spanning the river. A new bridge isn't very newsworthy, but the fact...more

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Make the green way the easy way in the kitchen

A more eco-friendly way of living definitely starts at home. If you're keen on turning a new leaf when it comes to the environmental management of your home then you need to start looking first at the things you do...more


McDonald's unveils eco-friendly uniforms ahead of London 2012 Olympics

Not sure what the current McDonald staff dress in as I never go in there, but the fast-food chain has revealed its new and eco-friendly uniforms just in time for the London Olympics - and there's a certain nod to...more


Brits more likely to recycle cartons as UK recycling plant is announced

Being from Scandinavia, recycling is like second nature and it still shocks - and angers - me that in Britain there are so many rules about what can and can't be recycled depending on which borough or city you live...more

Animal welfare

Ricky Gervais has signed Cruelty Free International's global pledge to end cosmetics tests on animals - will you?

Cruelty Free International is the biggest ever global campaign to end the unnecessary torture of animals by testing cosmetics on them for the sake of people's vanity. Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais has signed the global pledge and is helping...more


M&S creates world's most sustainable suit

In a new eco-push, British high street retailer Marks & Spencer has unveiled what it is calling the 'world's most sustainable suit'. The eco suit (sounds like something a superhero would wear doesn't it) is made from the most sustainable...more


Hippyshopper loves: Environment Furniture's Topanga shelves

Who says a well-decorated house can't be eco-friendly and that you can't have beautiful surroundings while respecting the planet? US company Environment Furniture creates contemporary furnituremore

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How you benefit from being green

Commercial feature There is one giant incentive for us all to be environmentally friendly - and that's to save our planet and its resource. Being environmentally friendly not only helps the earth around you, though. It provides benefits for you,...more

Food & drink

Top 5 fairtrade chocolate brands to feed your addiction in a sustainable way

It's a hot summer day and we will forgive you for thinking more about ice creams and froyos than chocolate. But if you, like us, are a bit chocolate obsessed, we thought you'd might be interested in which bars and...more


Rio+20: Stephen Fry, Robert Redford and others join global Twitter push to end fossil fuel subsidies

Ahead of the Rio+20 - the United Nations conference on sustainable development - the push to end fossil fuel subsidies became the second most talked about topic worldwide on Twitter yesterday. The #endfossilfuelsubsidies hashtag was introduced to the micro-blogging site,...more


London should be greener and taller, say architects

Boris may have tried to make the capital greener with his bikes, but according to top architects London needs to be greener - and taller - in the future. A new public exhibition opening this week - The Developing City...more

Green News

What came first the chicken or... Paul McCartney?! PETA UK recreates Abbey Road crossing photo for Beatles star's 70th birthday.

One of the most famous photographs of all time has been recreated by PETA UKmore


Eco Fashion Focus: MuMu Organic

If you're looking for a new summer dress that looks stylish, yet is perfectly eco-conscious, then take a look at the 2012 collection of MuMu Organic. Started in 2009 on the Cyclades island in Greece by designer Athena Bentila and...more

Green News

Is Shell's Let's Go! Arctic a social media disaster or a clever climate activist campaign?

If you think Sweden is having a social media nightmare at the moment after their current civilian started tweeting some random messages today, then you should take a look at what appears to be Shell U.S.'s latest social media user-generated...more

Ethical & green gifts

Five eco-friendly Father's Day gifts

Whether your dad is an eco-friendly urbanite, a tech devotee or an outdoors kind of guy, there is plenty of choice out there of what to get him this Father's Day to show him how much you appreciate him. However...more

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