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Coffee and clean clothes: Starbucks set to make laundry detergent from recycled coffee grounds

Personally I have a love-hate relationship with Starbucks. It's not anywhere close my top ten places to go get my coffee fix, yet each Yuletide I return like an addict to get my Eggnog Latte... Whether you're a Starbucks fan...more


Speedo recycles Fastskin3 swimsuit to create mermaid-inspired ball gown

What do you do with the off cuts from all of your elite swimsuits? Well if you're Speedo you turn them into eye-catching ball gowns, obviously. The swimwear company, best known for kitting out competition swimmers across the world, has...more

Green News

Will.i.am and Coca-Cola launch Ekocycle, products made from recycled waste

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has partnered with will.i.am to launch new eco label Ekocycle, which will feature stylish products made from recycled waste. Aimed at young people, Ekocycle (first part is Coke spelled backwards - subliminal advertising?), the label will offer...more


Anish Kapoor's London 2012 recycled steel Orbit tower a work of art or just twisted metal?

The London 2012 Olympics are well on their way, Team GB has finally got their first gold medals, people seem to be enjoying themselves and the weather hasn't been too bad - hh and London Mayor Boris Johnson got stuck...more

Green gadgets

Waiting for the iPhone 5: Upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly accessories for Apple-loving environmentalists

We love our Macs, iPhones and iPads and wouldn't really want to live without them - even if Apple has decided to pull out of green-tech programme EPAT. But our eco minds are always on the look-out to find accessories...more

Animal welfare

Sir Paul McCartney joins Greenpeace to encourage people to come together to Save the Arctic

Former Beatle and life-long animal and environment friend Sir Paul McCartney has joined Greenpeace's campaign to help Save the Arctic. In a statement, the musician writes about 1968, a year revolution was in the air - much like 2012 -...more

Animal welfare

Shell's (err Greenpeace's) Arctic Ready ad competition winner crowned

You might have noticed a flurry of activity on Twitter and in the news last week as Greenpeace occupied Shell across the globe in protest of the drilling for oil in the Arctic. Using the slogan Save the Arctic, the...more


One week to go till London 2012 - Will they be the greenest Olympics in history?

Those of us who life and work in London will have seen banners announcing the imminent arrival of the London 2012 Olympic Games. One week from now, the capital of England and Great Britain will see millions of visitors and...more


Matches launches designer charity t-shirts that celebrate all things British

To celebrate all things British this year, with the Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics, firmly putting the isles on the map - and to support The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund - Matches has collaborated with some of Britain's most...more


Create a beautiful world with WWF and Pukka tea

Celebrating ten years of tea making, organic herbal tea brand Pukka has teamed up with the world's leading animal and environmental conservation body WWF to raise over £50,000 to support the charity's conservation work across the world. The new partnership...more

Energy saving

Can a power plant ever be environmentally friendly?

Norwegian company Sargas, apparently one of the leading firms in 'carbon capture', is intending to build a fleet of environmentally friendly power plants. Together with US energy giant General Electric, Sargas announced last month that they have created technology...more


Adorable you: Ciel Liberty Print eco lingerie

How cute are these! Eco fashion label Ciel has teamed up with quintessential London store Liberty to re-issue these gorgeous Liberty printed camisole and knickers. The capsule lingerie collection is made from sensuous silk and organic cotton. The camisole...more

Fashion & accessories

Jewellery that can help save lives

In modern day society, I think we can safely say that more of us are being diagnosed with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or food allergies. This could be because of improved methods of diagnosis or a change in our...more

Green News

Apple pulls out of green-tech programme EPEAT

As one of the many Apple fan girls and fan boys out there, it is rather disappointing that the tech giant has pulled out of the EPEAT certification program that highlights which consumer tech products are notable for their...more


Greenpeace Save the Arctic video feat. Jude Law and Radiohead

As someone who grew up in the Arctic regions, I often joke about polar bears roaming the streets of my small home town when meeting people of a more southern latitude. This is of course not true, but could it...more

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