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Gwyneth Paltrow teams up with Chinti and Parker to design ethical knitwear

Autumn has definitely hit the British isles, with warnings of floods, torrential rain and winds that will blow your hats off, and it's time to dig out the knitwear. If you haven't stocked up on knitted goodies that would...more

Fashion & accessories

Take action for the environment and get your paws on a coveted The Panda Made Me Do It t-shirt

You might have seen the posters on bus stops or overheard people joke that the panda made them do things... The Panda Made Me Do It is a campaign by WWF that encourages people to take action and do something...more

Outdoors & games

A cardboard bicycle? Love it!

We love coming across projects that when you first hear what they are all about you say, 'surely that can't be done'. This is exactly what we thought when we heard about Izhar Gafni's Cardboard Bicycle Project. Drawing inspiration...more

Home & Garden

The Lowline, revolutionary underground park planned in New York

What do you do when the cityscape is crowded with skyscrapers, roads and cars and you want to create more urban green places without removing anything? You go underground of course! This is one of the coolest projects we've come...more

Green News

Fifty shades of ethical: Sexual health charity FPA launches sex toy website

With Britain going crazy over Fifty Shades of Grey (we're proud to say that we HAVEN'T read it), 80-year-old charity the Family Planning Association (FPA) is now doing its bit to help Britons add more excitement in the bedroom by...more


Fashion forward: parka designed to alert and protect against pollution

We love a good find here at Hippyshopper HQ. Today we came across this fine piece of clothing, the Aegis Parka, which has an integrated air quality sensor and built in respirator to protect against toxic urban environments. The concept...more

Lucy M. Macmillan 5.jpg

TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh joins Macmillan for World's Biggest Coffee Morning

We don't watch TOWIE, have not seen one episode and never will, but when you dress up a tangoed Z-lister in a cupcake dress it is too good not to mention. And the story is really about coffee and fundraising,...more

Green News

The 100 most endangered species in the world

Do you know which species in the world are most likely to go extinct? The Zoological Society of London has compiled a top 100 list, including the sneezing monkey, Franklin's Bumble Bee, Sumatran rhino, which features in a new report:...more

Food & drink

Shoreditch fish and vegetarian pop-up O-food celebrates sustainable fast food

O-food, a pop-up sandwich bar in the heart of Shoreditch, aims to bring Nordic inspired fast food that focuses on responsibly sourced vegetarian and fish lunchtime options to hungry Londoners. If you're expecting prawns, salmon and tuna on the...more

Green Tips

Green babies: give your children a brighter future with these eco-friendly parenting tips

With global warming, food shortages and impendent doom looming, chances are the world as we know it will be a distant memory in not too long unless we do something drastic pretty soon. Some of us are already trying to...more

Home & Garden

Stylish home lighting with Desinature

I have a new favourite brand for lampshades! Creating stylish and modern eco-friendly light and home accessories using responsibly sourced materials, British brand Desinature will definitely feature on my Christmas wish-list (hint: honey). The designs show the team's adoration for...more


McDonald's to open its first ever vegetarian-only stores

This is something a lot of us wouldn't have seen coming. American fast-food chain McDonald's, known for their ability to satisfy hungry meat-eaters, is reportedly to open its first ever vegetarian only outlets. Where? In two Indian pilgrimage centres. India...more


Floating eco home Inachus to anchor in London's St Katharine's Dock

If you're in the market for a sustainable home with a difference, this floating home will be just up your street. Called Inachus, it takes its name from the Greek River God, and is part of Danish design think-tank Sanitov...more

Animal welfare

The Waterside Challenge: WWF launches first app as part of The Panda Made Me Do It campaign

Originally published on ShinyShiny.tv If you're looking to do something a little bit different in the capital over the next few weeks, then ditch the usual tourist haunts and take a little wander around some of London's hidden waterside...more

Food & drink

New report warns food shortages could force world into vegetarianism

For those who have already embraced a meat-free diet these findings may not be of much significance - you're already doing your bit - but those out there who are stuck in the 'must have meat every day' rut may...more

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