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Animal welfare

Chrissie Hynde gets vocal about animal rights, signing the No Cruel Cosmetics petition before it's presented to the European Parliament

Lead singer of the Pretenders, Chrissie Hynde, has become the latest celebrity to give her support to the No Cruel Cosmetics campaign and make a stand against animal testingmore


London's Olympic Park gets a redesign by the designer behind New York High Line

Now that the Olympic fever has died down a little and the dust has settled across the Olympic Park, it's great to know that the magnificent complex which saw tears, smiles and greatnessmore


10 faux fur coats to keep you warm this winter

We noticed a distinct chill in the air over the weekend, and had it not been for the autumn sun we'd frozen ourselves silly on our little walk along the Southbank to the Tate Modern. Winter is definitely coming and...more

Arts & information

Nordic fairytale: Rune Guneriussen's magical art installations

How spectacular are these photographs of conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen?! The Norwegian artist creates his art installations by taking everyday objects, such as chairs and lamps out in the magical - almost haunting - Norwegian nature. We wouldn't be...more


Fill in our survey about your social media habits - and maybe win a camera/tablet/hi-fi

Every now and then we like to ask our readers a few questions about what they get up to online. We also try and make it worth your while too by adding in some great prizes. So if you...more


M&S unveils first Shwop Coat made from customers' unwanted clothes

In April this year, UK retail chain Marks & Spencer launched a shwopping campaign, fronted by long time ethical campaigner Joanna Lumley, urging its customers to bring inmore

Green weddings

Green weddings: Be an eco bride with wedding flowers made from recycled materials

Weddings can be very hard on the environment, what with all the flowers, ribbons and printed invites that go with making it a memorable day. If you want to enjoy your wedding with more

Sponsored Post

Food for all the family

Sponsored post Hectic lifestyles, heavy workloads and a busy social diary make for little time left in the day. Those that wish to eat healthily can sometimes find it a hefty chore to do so, especially since many healthy meals...more

Hippyshopper how-tos

How to have a green Halloween

'This is Halloween. This is Halloween'. Oh yes, it's almost time to glue those fangs on, invest in some fake blood and press play on your iPod to hear Marilyn Manson's haunting voice sing about Halloween - one of...more

Green News

Meet Rubbish Duck, a sculpture made from 2000 plastic bottles collected from the Thames and Regent's Canal

This is a great piece of environmental awareness art! Rubbish Duck appeared on our radar this morning as Camden Lock Market shared a spotted photo on Facebook. Making its way down the Regent's Canal, Rubbish Duck 'symbolises the disregard towards...more

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Energy saving

Saving energy and polluting less on the road

Sponsored postIf you're in the market for a new car, you might not have considered a hybrid car. For all their environmentally friendly abilities, a lot of people overlook the numerous other advantages that the hybrid car has to...more


Nike creates building made entirely from thread and recycled plastic bottles

We keep a watchful eye on the big (bad) companies of the world to see what they are up to when it comes to innovation and sustainability. And luckily these days, many of them are actually working on rather...more


Halloween recipe: How to make vegan chocolate cupcakes

There's something about holidays that make us want to put on our aprons and get baking like we're Nigella Lawson. If you're after an animal friendly sweet treat for Halloween this year, why not try to make your own vegan...more


Stella McCartney and Adidas unveil water saving DryDye t-shirt

We all know how the process of dyeing textiles uses a lot of water - up to 25 litres of water for ONE t-shirt - so it's great to see big names teaming up to spearhead innovation in fashion...more

Green gadgets

Undecided about the iPhone 5? How about a smartphone made from bamboo

Apple may have sold over 5 million iPhone 5s already. But with Apple's own map sending people over the edge (not really) and reports of people unboxing the new wonder only to find it having a scratch or a...more

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