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Green Vehicles

Car2Go launches low-CO2 Smart car hire service for London

Super simple car-sharing service car2go has launched in the capital this week, bringing a fleet of smart cars to Londoners who want to get around but don't want the hassle of looking after and paying a small fortune for their...more

Food & drink

Recipe: Vegetarian friendly mince pies for Christmas

One of the things that make us get into a festive mood here at Hippyshopper are mince pies. The tiniest mention of this traditional British sweet treat reminds us that Christmas is just around the corner and it's ok...more


Disney UK adds fairy magic to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity appeal

We do have a soft spot for Disney princesses and fairies so it's great to learn that Disney UK is to donate £1 from every download of its new Disney Fairies: Lost and Found iOS app from today until Christmas...more

Ethical & green gifts

Ethical Christmas presents for babies and kids

It's that time of year, when you run around like crazy trying to get everything done in time for Christmas, including picking out a great tree for the family, ensuring your Christmas dinner (sustainably sourced of course) is in the...more

Food & drink

Recipe idea: Beetroot, pear and feta salad

We're big fans of both beetroot and Feta cheese here at Hippyshopper HQ, so we couldn't help but share this recipe with you. It might not be the most wintery of dishes, but If you're looking for food-inspiration this lunchtime,...more


FIFA World Cup 2014 stadium to be made of recycled Coca-Cola bottles

OK so it's not the whole stadium... The recycled plastic bottles will be used in the linings of the seats in the new Maracan√£ Stadium, which will host the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Rio.more


Eco-friendly cycle wear from new label VELECO

We're great fans of cycling here at Hippyshopper; not only is cycling a great way to get around the London traffic (beware of motorists and pedestrians mind!), it keeps us fit! Most of the time we'll just wear our...more

Food & drink

Winter breakfast: Keep full for longer with British organic porridge

When the cold weather sets in it can be easy to forget those healthy eating habits of summer days (no-one's going to see you in a bikini any time soon so there's no need for the strict diet regime right?)....more

Green News

Could climate change be the end of coffee as we know it?

My coffee-loving heart sank as I read the predictions that climate change could damage production of coffee in the future. A recently published article in the academic journal Plos One by researchers from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew,...more


Help endangered elephants with fashionable swimming trunks by Love Brand & Co.

OK you might think we're insane to even mention swimwear as the autumn chill is swooping across the British Isles, but with many jetting off to warmer climes or taking advantage of the great exercise that swimming provides we just...more


Sir Plus: London menswear label upcycles excess fabrics into fashionable clothing

There is a lot of truth in the saying one man's waste is another man's treasure, especially for menswear label Sir Plus. The London-based label has made its business on upcycling off-cuts and surplus fabrics into debonair outfits for the...more

Money & finance

5 simple ways to cut your energy bill this winter

Having left a rather toasty house this morning, only to find the office freezing - and the thick knitted jumper at home - the electric heater is now on full to warm us up while we type at the speed...more

Green News

Superstorm Sandy: the aftermath and what's next in the climate change debate?

As New York City and the East coast of the US and Canada waited for Superstorm Sandy to hit last night we couldn't help to conjure images from disaster movies such as The Day After Tomorrow and (the rather...more


IKEA aims to be completely sustainable by 2020

Everyone's favourite home furniture store (or is that just me?) IKEA has announced plans to be totally self-sufficient by 2020, and is investing 1.5 billion Euro in solar and wind power to make this a reality. The Swedish meatball...more


Levi's goes green with WasteLess denim

We like it when big companies do their bit for the environment and make their products more sustainable - of course in an ideal world all companies would operate as green as possible... Green is definitely the new black...more

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