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Transport & travel

Luxury eco hotel sets up camp in Antarctica

When we saw BBC's Frozen Planet and experienced the marvels of Earth's polar regions - accompanied by the inspiring guidance of David Attenborough - we've felt the an urge grow within to pack our bags and go on an...more


Copenhagen harbour could become home to artificial eco islands

Scandinavians are considered very forward-thinking in environmental design and they love their outdoor areas, so it comes it comes as no surprise that Copenhagen - a city greatly associated with climate change talks - is leading the way in...more

Green News

Norwegians buy more electric cars than any other nationality

The mountainous country of Norway has a rather small population compared to its geographical size, but that doesn't stop the nation from claiming pole position when it comes to electric cars purchases. Norway is the leading country in the...more


People Tree teams up with Peter Jensen for 2013 collection

London-based designer Peter Jensen has teamed up with ethical fashion label People Tree for a capsule collection of graphic prints and contemporary shapes. The Dane's designs can now be found on the brand's website. Choose among dresses and t-shirts featuring...more

Green Tips

Three green ways to lose weight

It's a brand new year, which means a lot of us will be thinking about making an effort to lose those extra pounds we've always wanted to. Reducing your weight and waistline to a healthy level is great for both...more

Green Tips

Green New Year's resolutions 2013: 5 ways to make a difference

The champagne has been drunk, the chocolate has been hidden (or eaten) and we find ourselves back at work. It's January and a whole new year full of potential and opportunity is ahead. If you're like us chances are...more

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas: A wooden Lego character

We're all grown up here at Hippyshopper, but we do love a re-invention of toys from our childhood - and we really want this for Christmas. French designer Thibaut Malet has hand-crafted 20 limited edition wooden characters inspired by...more


12 tips to help you waste less food this Christmas

Did you know that an astonishing 74 million mince pies are thrown away every Christmas? That's more mince pies than there are people in the UK. I personally don't like the things so don't buy them, but it is...more

Food & drink

Vegetarian and vegan friendly beers to serve this Christmas

If you're a vegetarian or vegan yourself, you'll probably already know which beers to serve come Christmas Day. But if you're a selective carnivore hosting a dinner party and find yourself catering for vegans and vegetarians, you might want...more

Food & drink

Recipe idea: Roasted, curried squash soup with homemade bread

It might not be as cold right now as it was a few weeks ago, but winter is very much the time to cosy up indoors with homemade soup - and why not make your own bread while you're at...more

Animal welfare

Feel-good Christmas gift idea: Adopt a wild animal

If you're stuck for ideas of what to get your nearest and dearest who have everything, here's a present idea with a 100% feel-good factor: Adopt a wild animal. Many species such as tigers, pandas and turtles are facing extinction...more


Ethical Christmas gifts for him

He likes his bicycles, gadgets and caring for the environment one recycling at a time, but what do you get the eco conscious man in your life for Christmas? Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for, but we've found...more


Could portable DROP micro hotel be the future of eco tourism?

Have you ever found yourself at a remote location and just wished there was a sustainable hotel there so that you could stay for a few nights to admire the view a bit longer? Well this portable micro hotel...more


Ethical Christmas gifts for her

Christmas is now only two weeks away, so you better start thinking about those presents if you want them to arrive in time for the holidays (if you're buying them online that is). But what do you get the ethical...more

Ethical & green gifts

Top 7 charitable gifts this Christmas

We're two weeks away from the festivities of Yuletide and shops are bursting with Christmas songs, wishes of a happy holiday, and displays of all the things you could ever wish to buy. If you're tired of buying into the...more

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