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Food & drink

UK supermarket Sainbury's offers free fish in sustainability drive

Dubbed 'Switch The Fish', Sainsbury's new CSR initiative launches today 25 January in an attempt to change consumer attitudes towards sustainable fish by offering shoppers a free, sustainable alternative when they try to buy the most popular types of...more


Tokyo townhouse shows innovation in urban architecture

What do you do when you don't have many square feet available to build on in the dense commercial district of Tokyo, yet you want to have green space? You build upwards of course. Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa is...more


Enough Food for Everyone IF: 100 charities join forces to tackle world hunger

British PM David Cameron might be gearing up to address the question of 'to EU or not to EU' and potentially promise a referendum in 2017. But that's not the only thing on his plate this morning. Today, Wednesday...more

Green News

Panda blood could be secret weapon against superbugs

Not that we should need any more reasons for why these loveable creatures should be saved from going extinct... Researchers from the Life Sciences College of Nanjing Agricultural University have discovered an antibody in panda blood that is extremely...more

Green News

Vanessa Paradis unveiled as face of H&M Conscious

French singer and former flame of Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis, has been revealed as the new celebrity face of H&M's environmentally-aware collection, Conscious. In just released photos, a tousled-haired is Vanessa modelling key items from the new collection, which...more

Green News

Mackerel is off the menu, but here are 10 types of fish that you still can eat

For a seafood enthusiast it is sad to wake up to the news that mackerel has now been bumped off the list of fish that are suitable to eat.more

Vegetarian and Vegan living

Vegans are happier than the rest of us, study finds

Going vegan can seem extreme, and vegans are often met with blank stares of confusion and disbelief from dedicated carnivores when they explain that they've given up using and consuming animal products. Yep not even eggs or dairy will pass...more

Vegetarian and Vegan living

Becoming vegetarian - a beginner's guide

Did you start the new year as a vegetarian? Whether it's due to being appalled of the way animals are treated or because you've realised that a highly carnivorous diet so many of us follow is not sustainable in the...more

Food & drink

No horse in sight: the best vegetarian and organic burgers

After revelations earlier this week that several UK supermarkets have been selling burgers containing horse DNA to ignorant customers for what could be years, people have been expressing their disgust and horror on Twitter and Facebook. If you're a vegetarian...more

Arts & information

Ai Weiwei's latest art installation is a pile of... bikes. Neatly Stacked

Remember when Ai Weiwei took over parts of Tate Modern's Turbine Hall and covered it in millions of hand-crafted porcelain sunflower seeds? Now the Chinese artist has created another more

Animal welfare

Born Free Foundation addresses plight of elephants, exposes shocking truth of illegal ivory trade through new website

The Born Free Foundation, a global leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, has today taken a new stand against the crimes against elephants and is revealing the shockingmore

Coca Cola can2.jpg
Animal welfare

Coca-Cola ramps up corporate social responsibility as it partners with WWF for polar bear campaign

My oh my hasn't Coca-Cola been busy... Perhaps it has looked closely at the witch hunt of tax dodging global corporations such as Starbucks and Amazon, and figured they needed to up their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity? The...more


Biological concrete gives new meaning to living walls

When I can afford to build my own house (in the year 2079) I would very much like to build it with this: biological concrete. How great wouldn't it be to make the outdoor surfaces of your new-built house...more

Animal welfare

Happy news of the day: stranded killer whales break free from Hudson Bay ice

We've been following the developments of the killer whales stuck in the Hudson Bay ice closely, hoping that the story would end happily rather than with over dozen dead animals. And it did! No thanks to humans mind -...more

Green News

Half of world's food 'thrown away' claims UK report

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Despite being aware of the problems of both world hunger and obesity, we (or rather those we have trusted to lead us) continuously fail to come up with solutions that would help divide food...more

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