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Happy Birthday National Recycle Week - turns 10 Next Week

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Arty pegs & washing-480x480.jpgNext week (17-23 June 2013) sees the 10th Anniversary of National Recycle Week (organised by WRAP) using the theme of 'recycling at home and away'.

The UK has become more adept at recycling over the last 25 years but there is still scope for improvement, especially as we produce 20 times more plastic today than 50 years ago. As a nation we currently recycle 32% of all plastics but the target set by DEFRA is 57% by 2017!

Plastic is light, durable, versatile in shape and colour and can be used for almost any application from packaging to construction, automation to fleeces. But recycling plastic is essential because, unlike other commonly used products, it doesn't biodegrade and can take decades, even centuries, to break down in landfill.

Fortunately, environmentally-conscious companies such as Easy-Do Products, use recycled plastic to manufacture 'new' products that keep used plastic out of landfill and reduce the need to create more plastic thus saving energy and natural resources. Products like the EcoForce Recycled Clothes Peg do the job just as well, if not better than alternatives made from virgin materials, but don't harm the environment. What's more, hanging out laundry to dry is free and eco-friendly  compared to an energy-guzzling tumble drier which emits 1.5kg of CO2 with every cycle.

Daniel Neumann of EcoForce explains: "It seems ludicrous that so many general everyday items are manufactured from virgin materials at great cost to our environment when in so many instances it is entirely unnecessary.

"We are dedicated to supplying a range of affordable, usable everyday products that work, manufactured from high quality recycled materials,that provide a more sustainable alternative to what is currently on the shelves and help you run a greener home without it costing the earth."


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