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WWF Wildlife Mobile offers 60 minutes of free calls to mark Earth Hour

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Blue elephant.jpgThis Saturday March 23rd at 8.30pm marks Earth Hour when people are supposed to switch off their lights to show, albeit symbolically, how much we need to protect the planet, but carry on using our mobile phones of course! (for more information go to http://earthhour.wwf.org.uk/).

To mark the event, WWF Wildlife Mobile is giving all new and existing customers 60 minutes of free calls so they can tell their friends about Earth Hour (or anything else for that matter).

According to the WWF, every conversation you have helps conservation so, for example, 24 hours of chatting could pay for 36 tree seedlings to help critical areas of Tiger habitat.

Wildlife Mobile gives 10% of the net call revenues for conservation and is open to anyone - not just existing WWF members.

The new, SIM-only, mobile network from WWF promises 99.7% UK wide coverage through the Vodafone network.

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