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Vegans are happier than the rest of us, study finds

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vegetables-creative-commons-codyr.jpgGoing vegan can seem extreme, and vegans are often met with blank stares of confusion and disbelief from dedicated carnivores when they explain that they've given up using and consuming animal products. Yep not even eggs or dairy will pass through their lips. And no, fish is not allowed either.

Say what you like about veganism, but it now appears that there might be more benefits from following this type of diet than just taking a stand against animal suffering and living as ethically as possible, it also makes you happier.

According to a study published in Nutrition Journal, vegans score significantly better on mood scales and have lower instances of depression, anxiety and other negative moods than meat-eaters do. The researchers at Harvard also found them to be more optimistic about the future, and suggest that getting omega essential fatty acids from nuts and seeds instead of meat boosts our moods.

"Not consuming the long-chain omega-6 fats, which are abundant in animal flesh and compete with omega-3s in the body, may be a factor", says researcher Bonnie Beezhold, PhD, of Arizona State University.

If you find yourself suffering with low moods, perhaps it's worth adopting a more vegan diet.

Did you experience a change in your mood after switching to veganism?

Image: Flickr Creative Commons / CodyR

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