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Three green ways to lose weight

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vegetables-2013.jpgIt's a brand new year, which means a lot of us will be thinking about making an effort to lose those extra pounds we've always wanted to.

Reducing your weight and waistline to a healthy level is great for both body and mind, as long as it's done in a good way. Fad diets that tell you to eat just one thing (cabbage, soup, fruit, protein to name a few) are not the way to battle the bulge. These crash diets are more likely to do more harm than good, and many find that they're piling on the pounds and more as soon as they go back to 'normal'. What is needed is a change of lifestyle. And if you're in no rush, there are plenty of green and healthy ways of losing weight.

This January why not make three changes to your habits that will not only help the environment, but also help you lose weight naturally and healthily.

1. Ditch the car and take up walking or cycling

If you're used to driving to whichever place you are going, make an effort to leave the car at home and instead walk or cycle. Both provide a great workout and you'll soon find a new spring in your step. There's no better way to lose weight than burning calories through exercising.

2. Sign up to volunteer at outdoor activities

If you take a look around you'll probably find lots of volunteering groups involved in outdoor activities such as picking up rubbish in your local park or planting trees. Not only will this get you out of the house and moving, but you'll also be helping the environment.

3. Try to eat more vegetables

Many of you may already be following a vegetarian rich (or only) diet. But for those that are not, replacing meat with vegetables will help you reduce consumption of certain fats. This ought to help you fight the pounds. Just make sure that you don't fall into the trap and swap the meat for beige carbs (pasta and bread). These are the less healthy carbs and often have lots of unnecessary salt and sugar in them. Make your meals from scratch and ensure you have a healthy and balanced diet.

By making small adjustments to your daily life, you'll soon find yourself a lighter, healthier you.

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