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Swedish artist Michael Johansson uses reclaimed objects to create real life Tetris

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How cool is this project by Swedish artist Michael Johansson?! Using discarded objects like old washing machines, shelves, cars, computers and anything else he comes across, Johansson creates Tetris-like installations in small urban spaces. This could be the empty space between buildings, under steps and garages.

To create these fun art installations he must work around and with the physical limitations of the space available.

Speaking to PINCH magazine, Johansson said:

"These irregularities, or coincidences, are a great source of inspiration for me. I have also as long as I can remember been fascinated by flea markets. And in specific a fascination by walking around to find doubles of seemingly unique, though often useless objects I have already purchased at another flea market. There is something irresistible in the knowledge that if you don't buy that particular object right away, the opportunity might never come back. I think the same rules compelling me to select things at flea markets are also central to my art practice, that you need to combine something very familiar with something very unique to create an interesting art experience."

We love it. Wonder if he would consider bringing his Tetris art to London?

[via HUH.]

Click below to see more examples of his work:

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