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Norwegians buy more electric cars than any other nationality

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The mountainous country of Norway has a rather small population compared to its geographical size, but that doesn't stop the nation from claiming pole position when it comes to electric cars purchases.

Norway is the leading country in the world when it comes to buying electric cars - even beating the United States which has a population over 60 times larger than the Scandinavian nation.

According to Treehugger, there are two reasons why Norwegians are choosing electrical vehicles to get around: comfort and economics.

If you've ever been to Norway you'll know it's not a cheap place as most things are taxed to death, including cars. However, when it comes to electric vehicles Norwegians are exempt from paying import taxes. This means that clever Norwegians are opting for electric cars over their petrol wasting counterparts when choosing a vehicle to save money.

To further incentivise people, the Norwegian government has also allowed for people driving electric cars in Oslo to make use of the bus lanes. This of course cuts down of the commute time for those living in the capital, so is a bonus that many will want to make use of. But wait there is more! Those who own electric cars can also park for free in city spaces and don't have to pay any congestion charge.

That's what we call a sweet deal.

Do you own an electric car? If not, which incentives would have to be in place before you would consider buying one?

[Image: Nissan]

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