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No horse in sight: the best vegetarian and organic burgers

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After revelations earlier this week that several UK supermarkets have been selling burgers containing horse DNA to ignorant customers for what could be years, people have been expressing their disgust and horror on Twitter and Facebook.

If you're a vegetarian you're of course safe from having unknowingly digested horse DNA. Besides to many of you meat is meat, regardless of animal, and shouldn't be eaten full stop. You're now allowed to laugh in the face of the ignorant that have failed to read the label and are now filled with disgust of having eaten Black Beauty and all her mates. In fact, you can get up on your high horse. We allow it.

We're not all vegetarians here at Hippyshopper. Some of us are selective carnivores, meaning we do read the labels and buy quality meat that actually looks like meat. No Tesco value burgers in sight! So we're not actually so upset about the fact that these burgers contained horse meat, up to 29% in the case of Tesco's value range. What shocks us the most is that people have been and still are buying these ridiculously cheep burgers. In our opinion, if you choose to eat meat you should pay a fair price for it. No once living animal should EVER be sold at such low prices.

But if you've found your way here because you're worried about what you've been eating lately and want to explore the world of organic and vegetarian burgers, we thought we'd help you on your quest. Here are some of our top vegetarian and organic burger choices.

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