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Mackerel is off the menu, but here are 10 types of fish that you still can eat

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mackerel-flickr-creative-commons-46137.jpgFor a seafood enthusiast it is sad to wake up to the news that mackerel has now been bumped off the list of fish that are suitable to eat.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has downgraded the mackerel, saying that international arguments about quotas mean it is no longer a sustainable choice. Of course you don't need to cut mackerel out of your diet completely, but only choose it occasionally.

So which type of fish should you eat instead? To ensure you are choosing the sustainable option, make sure you read the labels of where the fish has been caught before ending up in your local supermarket. To help you make a more sustainable choice, here are some of the types of fish that feature on the MCS's 'good list':

- Pollock (Alaska or Walleye) from the Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea or Aleutlan Islands

- Anchovies from the Bay of Biscay

- Cod (Atlantic) from the North East Arctic, East Baltic or Iceland - not off the Norwegian coast!

- Haddock from the North East Arctic, North Sea, Skagerrak and Kattegat.

- Herring or sild from the Bothnian Sea and Iceland

- Monkfish

- Red Mullet

- Salmon from the Pacific (all species, Alaska) and Atlantic that has been farmed and organic certified.

- Sardines from Cornwall

- Sole (Dover/Common) from the North Sea and East Channel, Celtic Sea and West Channel.

For more information about sustainable seafood check out the Good Fish Guide.

Image: Flickr Creative Commons / 46137

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