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Luxury eco hotel sets up camp in Antarctica

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When we saw BBC's Frozen Planet and experienced the marvels of Earth's polar regions - accompanied by the inspiring guidance of David Attenborough - we've felt the an urge grow within to pack our bags and go on an adventure.

But we've not been sure of how we'd cope in tiny tents (or huts) with the cold polar winds biting outside, travelling only with the help of dog sleighs and skis. Until now.

Whichaway Eco Camp now offers explorers the chance to experience the Antarctic a little more comfortably, yet still sustainably.

Guests will be able to stay the night in one of six tents located on dry land, 70 metres above the ice. They may look like oversized golf balls, but the frameless structures comprise of aerospace composite panels that slot together to have the strength of a normal building yet the mobility of a tent, to keep you warm and cosy. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom and a writing desk (for those important journal entries).

The camp consists of two more tents where you'll find the dining area, library, kitchen and communications area (Expect to see a "just checked-in at the Antarctic" on your social media feed soon).

You can only travel there during the Antarctic summer season which is November till December, so you'll have to book yourself in fast. After that the camp is de-constructed to ensure the environment isn't damaged.

The only thing that will be damaged is your bank balance. The cheapest trip, a three day safari with Mantis, will set you back around £20,000, but for the chance to see Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat, we think it's worth it.

[Via Aftenposten]

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