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Happy news of the day: stranded killer whales break free from Hudson Bay ice

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We've been following the developments of the killer whales stuck in the Hudson Bay ice closely, hoping that the story would end happily rather than with over dozen dead animals.

And it did! No thanks to humans mind - though the poor orcas did get a lot of support on Twitter #SaveQuebecWhales and elsewhere online.

After they'd been discovered trapped under a huge stretch of ice near a remote fishing village, news broke that icebreakers were needed urgently in order to get them to safety.

With only a small hole in the ice to breathe through, the authorities said they'd be sending a team to "evaluate the situation", hesitating to act decisively and help the beautiful animals before it was too late.

A spokeswoman for Fisheries and Oceans Canada told the CBC that icebreaker ships were "really busy with the ice conditions that we have in other regions of our country" and that three commercial ships had become stuck in the ice in the area.

Really busy?! Well we're sure that the people aboard the ships would have been perfectly fine if they had to wait a bit longer to get broken free. It's not like they were scrambling in a tiny hole to get air in order to survive.

As luck would have it, the killer whales appear to have escaped the ice and certain death, as the ice shifted when winds changed course overnight. Hurrah!

Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Marina Lacasse

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