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Copenhagen harbour could become home to artificial eco islands

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Scandinavians are considered very forward-thinking in environmental design and they love their outdoor areas, so it comes it comes as no surprise that Copenhagen - a city greatly associated with climate change talks - is leading the way in finding new, environmentally friendly ways to become greener and improve its citizens' recreational areas and quality of life.

Architects Tredje Natur and PK3 have put together a proposal that would see Copenhagen make use of its harbour by developing a network of artificial islands.

Divided into five zones, the development, dubbed Blue Plan, would see the artificial islands become a recreation area for local residents and tourists alike - with a harbour bath with heated pools and sauna caves - as well as provide a space for an educational facility and create habitat for birds and other small islands. One of the islands would also be dedicated to water sports, and would provide facilities for scuba diving, swimming and kayaking.

If only London had enough space in the Thames for something similar...







[via Dezeen]

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