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Top 7 charitable gifts this Christmas

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We're two weeks away from the festivities of Yuletide and shops are bursting with Christmas songs, wishes of a happy holiday, and displays of all the things you could ever wish to buy.

If you're tired of buying into the materialistic consumer culture that goes hand in hand with Christmas, but still want to bring festive smiles to your friends and families (you can't just not get them a gift if they're getting you one right?), how about giving a gift with a difference?

Britons still have tough years ahead as the global economic crisis doesn't seem to be shifting much any time soon, and with most families having had to cut back over the last year, charitable gifts should be high up on everyone's wish-list this Christmas. Not only will they bring you - and the receiver - joy but you'd also be helping others.

Need some inspiration? Here are our top seven charitable gifts this Christmas.

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