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Nike creates building made entirely from thread and recycled plastic bottles

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We keep a watchful eye on the big (bad) companies of the world to see what they are up to when it comes to innovation and sustainability. And luckily these days, many of them are actually working on rather pioneering projects and products.

The latest global company to showcase how their products are high up on the sustainability chart is Nike. And because I have a soft spot for forward-thinking and green architecture I quite like this project.

Sportswear giant Nike has collaborated with design firm Miniwiz to build The Feather Pavilion, a structure made from high-tech transparent thread 'bricks' created by recycled PET bottles. The structure intends to reflect how the new Flyknit footwear collection is lightweight, viable and cutting-edge.

The recycled pavilion will be on display until 6 October as part of the Beijing Design Week 2012.



[via PSFK]

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