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Meet Rubbish Duck, a sculpture made from 2000 plastic bottles collected from the Thames and Regent's Canal

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This is a great piece of environmental awareness art! Rubbish Duck appeared on our radar this morning as Camden Lock Market shared a spotted photo on Facebook. Making its way down the Regent's Canal, Rubbish Duck 'symbolises the disregard towards the local environment' while drawing 'attention to a larger problem plastic pollution causes globally'.


The brainchild of Ferdinand Povel and Essi Salonen, Rubbish Duck was created using 2,000 plastic bottles picked up from the Thames and Regent's Canal and has been floating on the canal since July.

The project works closely with environmental charity Thames21, which organises clean up events of waterways. The bottles for Rubbish Duck were collected with the help of these clean ups and the participating volunteers.

London's canals and rivers are fantastic public spaces, and it is a shame to see all the rubbish floating there at all times. It is great that someone has made the effort to visualise the sheer volume of the environmental nastiness that is threatening local wildlife through art, and in such a fitting form: the bath ducky.

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