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How to have a green Halloween

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'This is Halloween. This is Halloween'. Oh yes, it's almost time to glue those fangs on, invest in some fake blood and press play on your iPod to hear Marilyn Manson's haunting voice sing about Halloween - one of our favourite holidays.

Sadly All Hallow's Eve also means lots of individually wrapped chocolates and sweets and last minute investment in horrific costumes that most likely will end up on some landfill near you by next November because someone forgot to keep the box/lost part of it. Why not start early this year so that you can prepare an eek-o-tastic green Halloween for you and your friends and family.

Here are some tips on how to make your spooky celebrations more sustainable without losing any of the fun.

Create your own costumes
Yes, the totally wicked costume from the fancy dress shop may be all you ever wanted, but there are other ways to dress up that being a slutty nurse/nun/pumpkin/bat. Look for inspiration in your wardrobe, or go to a second-hand shop to pick up some gems. And if all else fails, find an old white sheet and go as a ghoulish ghost.

Use social media to issue party invites
We all love a good old letter in the post, but unless you're Queen Elizabeth herself drop the handwritten card invites this year. Send out invites by email or simply create an event on Facebook and start inviting people. Not only does it save the environment, but Facebook Events is a great way of keeping on top of who can make it and who can't.

Source your pumpkins locally
Pumpkins is a must-have for Halloween: you can eat them AND make them into great decorations! Get your pumpkin(s) as local as possible to ensure that it has as low carbon footprint and you're supporting local trade.

Use carved pumpkins as lanterns, and decorate with twigs, leaves, and other spooky woodland finds. Alternatively, pop down to a charity shop to see if they have any decorations for sale.

Keep the Trick or Treat sweets Fairtrade or make your own
Everyone wants chocolate for Halloween. If you must, invest in Fairtrade certified chocolate. But why not make your own syrupy delights such as toffee apples or make homemade cakes - here's a recipe for vegan cupcakes.

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