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Food for all the family

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Hectic lifestyles, heavy workloads and a busy social diary make for little time left in the day. Those that wish to eat healthily can sometimes find it a hefty chore to do so, especially since many healthy meals must be prepared from scratch.

There are however a variety of quick recipes and healthy ready meals available, all of which boast natural and organic ingredients. It is always important to read the nutritional information when buying ready meals, as such information will inform the buyer of the amount of trans fats, calories, salts and sugars.

A sweet tooth

Just because you have decided to take on a healthy eating plan, this doesn't mean sticking solely to savoury food types. Try to swap regular pastry for filo pastry. This ingredient can be used to create a variety of desserts including strudel, turnover and tarts.

Frozen yogurt and sherbet are good alternatives for ice cream and will satisfy any sweet cravings you may have. Fruit served on crushed ice is another good option and one that boasts a variety of must-have vitamins.

These options are also great for kids and allows them to eat something that is both tasty and low in fat - making them the perfect party foods for children.

Healthier low-fat sweeteners are also readily obtainable and come in the form of applesauce, low fat buttermilk and non-fat yogurt, as opposed to whole milk.

Keeping your kids healthy and happy

A healthy diet isn't only suited to adults and keeping the rest of the family healthy is a must. Adopting a healthier diet will lead to healthy hearts and reduce the risk of excess weight gain and health problems associated with this.

For those who don't want to buy ready-meals, whether they are 'healthy options' or not, can always freeze food which they have prepared fresh. That way, they get the benefits of home cooked produce with the convenience of a pre-packaged meal.

Avoiding temptation

Diets shouldn't mean depriving yourself of everything you love. Simply eat what you like but in moderation. Buying smaller serving dishes could also help you to consume smaller portions and thus encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Making your meals go further

No matter how high your budget is, most budding cooks will want to get as much as possible for their money. Thankfully there are hundreds of ways to stretch your budget, some of which include inventing new ways to create a masterpiece out of leftovers.

Making food fun

Sometimes it is hard to get the younger ones interested in meals. They either need to taste relatively sweet or at least look extremely attractive on the plate. Eating al fresco is a great way to get the entire family interested in mealtimes and there is always something fun and carefree about eating in an alternative setting.

Trying new recipes can also help inject some fun into mealtimes and you can find plenty of suggestions and advice on sites such as supersavvyme.co.uk, where recipes are rated by users to help you find the most suitable option.

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