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Make the green way the easy way in the kitchen

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Range cookers.jpgA more eco-friendly way of living definitely starts at home. If you're keen on turning a new leaf when it comes to the environmental management of your home then you need to start looking first at the things you do each day as part of a normal existence - things like eating and drinking. It is often the case that you can revise your approach to each of these things in simple ways to make your home a much greener place.

For instance, you can recycle more in the kitchen. A lot of people already do plenty of recycling, but you must be proactive if you are to keep it up. The home is often a place where relaxation and the easy way out provide serious temptations that things like recycling get in the way of, so you have to make greener activities simpler. Get a dedicated recycling bin that enables you to separate your recycling from the off so you don't have to revisit it and run the risk of relaxing your green stance.

Then there are things like energy management. This is particularly relevant when it comes to food and drink. The things that use up the most energy in your home are those that generate heat and those that generate cold. It should be fairly obvious that the kitchen is the centre of the home when it comes to managing hot and cold to your advantage.

This is why it is so important that you are running appliances that have a seriously good energy rating. Eco-friendly cookers help you to vastly reduce the amount of energy you waste on heat - whether you are using gas or electricity in your cooking. Eco-friendly fridge units and freezers make sure that your food storage is also in line with a more environmentally-friendly way of living.

Aside from cookers and refrigerators, there is another unit that has a part to play in keeping your kitchen green and this is the dishwasher. It is often hard to tell whether you ought to be using a dishwasher or not when it comes to your washing up, but if you have an appliance with a really good energy rating then you can generally be sure that it will do a greener job than regularly filling the sink with hot water after every meal.

If you are very keen on good food and drink and you do your best to source high quality ingredients and prepare and cook them in the right way, then it makes perfect sense to give your ethical track record a boost by making the whole process greener and setting a good example with your kitchen. Running an unethical kitchen can detract from the good stuff you get done in the room!

So make your kitchen the ethical centre of your home by investing in greener appliances and following a few very simple eco-friendly rules: don't waste heat, don't waste electricity, recycle as much as possible and make the greener way of life the easy of life.

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