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Jewellery that can help save lives

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ICE-GEM-EMERGENCY-JEWELLERY.jpgIn modern day society, I think we can safely say that more of us are being diagnosed with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or food allergies. This could be because of improved methods of diagnosis or a change in our lifestyles and diets. However, despite their condition, many might not carry around a note to inform hospital staff in case of emergency.

So here's a novel idea - a collection of bracelets and pendants, engraved with essential medical information. Launched by ICE Gems (In Case of Emergency) the range comprises a wide variety of modern jewellery for women, men, teenagers and children in materials such as leather, cord, gold, silver and stainless steel.

All pieces feature the recognisable Star of Life, which will alert emergency personnel about the condition you or a loved one may have, and you can have contact details or medical instructions engraved onto the jewellery item free of charge for added reassurance.

Visit www.icegems.co.uk to view the full range and prices.

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