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Create a beautiful world with WWF and Pukka tea

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Pukka-WFF-tea.jpgCelebrating ten years of tea making, organic herbal tea brand Pukka has teamed up with the world's leading animal and environmental conservation body WWF to raise over £50,000 to support the charity's conservation work across the world.

The new partnership sees Pukka launch a specially blended tea, Peppermint & Licorice, of which 20p of each packet sold go to the UK division of the WWF. The new blend is made from organic peppermint tea and FairWild certificated licorice tea, a standard which WWF was involved in creating to ensure the sustainable use of wild collected plant ingredients.

Commenting on the partnership, Rachel Bloodworth from WWF-UK said: 'We are delighted to be working with Pukka Herbs in their tenth birthday year - their dedication to supporting the natural environment and creating a beautiful world aligns with our goals. Over the past 50 years, WWF has achieved countless successes from preserving some of the world's most iconic species such as mountain gorillas and giant pandas, to helping the development of international agreements for the protection of the planet. The continued support of people and companies like Pukka is essential to our work to create a future where people and nature thrive.'

As part of its tenth year anniversary and to reaffirm their commitment to creating a beautiful world in everything they do, Pukka and the WFF are also looking to Create a Beautiful World. Inviting people to share a piece of their own personal beautiful world via Facebook, Pukka and WWF are collating images and videos that will be made into short films which show what a beautiful world we live in - one that is so important to preserve. To showcase the campaign, Pukka is also bringing out exclusive ethical merchandise, of which profits from the sale will go to WWF-UK.

Look for the famous panda logo on the Pukka tea packet to show your support and contribute to the important work WWF is doing across the world.

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