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Can a power plant ever be environmentally friendly?

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Norwegian company Sargas, apparently one of the leading firms in 'carbon capture', is intending to build a fleet of environmentally friendly power plants.

Together with US energy giant General Electric, Sargas announced last month that they have created technology that enable them to sell gas-fired power plants that capture 90% of their output of carbon dioxide. Instead of spuming out toxic pollution, these eco power plants would retain and store the carbon pollution underground, which Sargas claims can provide cheaper and cleaner energy. The first of these new plants will be built on the north western coast of Norway by 2016, and will deliver electric power to the area's offshore oil and gas fields which supply around one fifth of the UK's gas imports.

All well and good to try and reduce the carbon dioxide pollution, but what about these power plants continued use of fossil fuels? For a more sustainable future we should instead be looking at renewable energy such as solar, tidal and wind.

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