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Green Mother's Day gift idea for the yoga mummy: bamboo clothing

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BAM-bamboo-clothing-large.jpgModern day life often pushes our stress levels to the max. And after a day of juggling work with school runs and other commitments, it is no wonder that many women turn to yoga to chill out - and shape up!

If your mum (or wife) is a yoga bunny then we're sure she would appreciate showing off her Eagle and Downward-facing Dog with some new yoga gear.

Any yogi will tell you that good clothing is important when practicing, as it can be extremely difficult to let go of those stressing thoughts and meditate (while trying to bend like a pretzel) if your top keeps on slipping up.

This is where bamboo clothing comes into the picture. Fabric made from bamboo is incredibly soft, follows your body contour perfectly and is luxuriously comfortable. Not only that but bamboo clothes also absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second, so you won't feel all sweaty and gross.

UK label BAM, a leading name in the world of bamboo clothing, makes a fantastic range of eco-friendly and ethically made bamboo wear for a wide range of activities. It is the softest of fabrics and feels like a snug hug, which would only increase the benefit of the yoga sessions. We were sent a vest top to test, and loved is so much that we ended up wearing it all the time, not only to the gym!

BAM is available from www.bambooclothing.co.uk with t-shirts from £22.50 and leggings from £25.00.

Now the yoga mummy wouldn't be found without her own yoga mat. If her current one is looking a bit tatty, perhaps investing in a new luxurious eco mat would put a smile on her face as she's saluting the sun. Pick one up one from John Lewis for £35.00.

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