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How to beat the drought - wise up to Water Savings

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JetStorm eco showerhead tips.jpgWith Britain on the brink of its worst drought in 30 years and the threat of hosepipe bans just around the corner, people are being urged to start seriously saving water. Help beat the drought with these simple, cost-effective measures and make splashing savings in the process!

1. Money and water down the drain!

Did you know that keeping a tap running while brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your face wastes more than six litres of water a minute?!

Get into the habit of keeping taps turned off and, whenever possible, use cold water instead of hot to trim those bills.

2. Wise up your washing load!

When using your washing machine, make sure it is a full load to reduce water waste. You should also check you are using the most water and energy efficient settings for maximum savings.

When washing up, use a sink of water instead of a running hot tap - doing this could save you £25 on your water bill and £34 on your gas bill!*

3. Tighten those taps!

It seems simple, but checking your taps are properly tightened after use could save you a fortune - a dripping tap can waste more than 5,500 litres of water a year! Change your washers if you notice a dripping tap. This will immediately stop you wasting water and money too!

4. Forget the hose and use your butt!

The average UK roof collects around 85,000 litres of rain water each year. Start putting it to good use by installing a water butt to capture rain water and use it to wash your car, water your garden or even to flush the toilet.

5. Soak up the Savings in your shower!

Replace your showerhead. Some of the latest showerheads claim to use up to 45 per cent less water, saving you hundreds of pounds on your water bills each year. For example, check out the £49.95 JetStorm eco showerhead (pictured) from Ecocamel.

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