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Triple certified instant coffee Café Nueva hits the shelves

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Cafe-Nueva-lifestyle.jpgAs a coffee lover, buying your daily fixes of caffeine in your keep cup can become an expensive habit. Especially when you go for the best of the bunch, those that are ethical and fairtrade and so on. So it is welcome news that a new instant triple certified coffee, which protects people, planet and product is now available to pick up from your local supermarket.

Café Nueva must be the most fair ethical coffee ever sold in UK supermarkets that you can buy responsibly without having to compromise on taste, quality or price. It is triple certified; with Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certification, Café Nueva is the UK's first triple certified freeze dried coffee. This means that you can enjoy your morning cup of java with the peace of mind that coffee farmers and their families are fairly rewarded and that the environment in which the coffee beans are grown is protected and respected.

Café Nueva is made from the finest Peruvian beans and has an intense, rounded and smooth taste with chocolatey notes. Actually we could do with a bit of organic chocolate on the side! There is also an interesting smoky aftertaste which adds to the coffee experience.

Café Nueva is now available from selected Waitrose and Budgens stores in 100g jars from £3.29.

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