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SUSTAINATION: The new online service for local food businesses to talk and trade in a more sustainable way

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SUSTAINATION.jpgIf you run a small food business or know someone who does jot down this name somewhere: SUSTAINATION.

"The world's food system is struggling to feed 7bn people, yet it needs to feed at least 9bn for the next few hundred years. If ever there was a time when innovation and collaboration are essential to human and ecological welfare, this is it."

The new online service has joined the dots to help small food businesses to find each other easily, talk and trade, creating local and regional food networks that have the efficiency to compete with supermarkets while creating livelihoods and preserving regional identity.

The service is free for everyone to sign up to - for now - and lets you type in a location to find nearby people who are keen to do business or you can search for produce. Think of it as a dating service for local businesses that makes it convenient and easy to find, buy, and sell local produce that will save you time and expense and helps making you more sustainable!

Check out their website for more information and follow on Facebook or say hello to @Sustaination on Twitter.

And if you're really lazy... simply click play on the video below to learn more

SUSTAINATION - Find us on www.PeopleFund.it from Ed Dowding on Vimeo.

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