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Can a personal eco-concierge make it easier to go green?

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a-greener-lifestyle.jpgI came across an article in the New York Times last weekend about a rising trend stateside: the personal environmental concierge. These are people that will "run your errands by bicycle, recommend a spa for vegan manicures or buy organic clothes for you and your dog".

Speaking to the NY Times Letitia Burrell, president of Eco-Concierge NYC, said: "The problem with going green is that people think it takes so much work, so much effort, so much conscious decision-making. So to help people out Burrell set up Eco-Concierge NYC one year ago to try to make it easier for people to "rid their homes of toxins, hire sustainable-cuisine chefs and find organic dry cleaners". Depending on the level of service you want, memberships will set you back from $175 a month to $3,500 a year (that's approximately £110 per month or £2,200 per year).

Definitely a niche business idea, I haven't heard of anyone offering the service over here in the UK but I'm sure someone will soon adapt the idea (after reading it here of course!) to the English market. While it is great that people want to adopt a greener lifestyle, I am just wondering if this, paying someone else to be greener on your behalf, isn't just a bit like cheating. For people to become more eco minded - and to benefit the environment in the long run - we all need to educate first and foremost ourselves, then our friends and family and then our communities. In an ideal world, if each and every one took responsibility for their carbon footprint, waste reduction and general lifestyle changes needed to become 'greener' the world would eventually become just that. Unfortunately we all know this is never going to happen - not in the nearest future at least, the governments around the world will continue in their quest to cut back on CO2 emissions and reduce the negative impact on the planet we call home.

I suppose, for now, if professionals that are "too busy to research" how to be greener opt to pay to have an eco-concierge do these things for them is better that not doing something at all...

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