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Bisque: stylish radiators with an eco edge

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With tales of cold Arctic winds possibly hitting the British Isles in the next few weeks and winter just around the corner, you're probably considering how to keep your house warm over the coming months. Making sure your place is properly insulated is a given but what about your radiators?

It might be too late for this season, but if you're considering swapping your boring old white radiator for a more stylish design - yet want to make it energy efficient - let us introduce Bisque. This is Italian design at its best but with an eco twist!


The new generation of aluminium Bisque radiators for 2012 are made from re-cycled aluminium and are the first radiators to combine sleek Italian design with energy efficient technology.

With a low water content - using 85% less water than your standard radiator - Bisque aluminium radiators take a shorter time to heat up and cool down, meaning they use less energy to heat your flat and respond to changes in temperature faster. So not only are they more energy efficient, they may also lower your bills!

The Blok and Ellisse ranges are available in the Bisque London Showroom now and nationally from February 2012. Blok is priced from £514.80 and Ellisse is priced from £700.80


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