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How Do Hybrid Cars Work?

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Honda hybrid.jpgWith a number of recent developments propelling hybrid cars into the forefront of public attention, people are beginning to consider updating their existing vehicles to more eco-friendly models. But how exactly do hybrid cars work? And what are the benefits which they offer motorists?

Hybrid cars are different from electric cars in that they operate using both an electric motor and a traditional petrol powered engine. This means that they are able to offer high levels of performance whilst keeping environmental effects low.

How Do They Work?

The initial energy of a hybrid car is generated by the petrol engine in the same way as a conventional car. The difference lies in what happens to this energy after it has been expelled. Rather than being wasted, as with normal cars, hybrid cars recapture it and use it to recharge the battery which powers the electric motor.

Honda logo.jpg The electric motor is designed to boost the power and performance of the car, meaning that the traditional engine is not required to do as much work. This means that the car continues to perform at a consistently high level but uses less petrol, making it have better fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

What Are The Benefits?

Of course, the main benefits of hybrid cars are those which relate to the environment. Low emission cars are those which emit lower levels of carbon dioxide from their exhaust fumes, thus lowering the harmful effects on the environment.

Alongside these benefits, hybrid cars also have a number of economical advantages for their owners. A number of hybrid cars are exempt from costs such as the congestion charge and may be subject to reduced rates of road tax. This means that drivers can reap financial benefits whilst protecting the environment.

What Types of Hybrid Vehicle Are Available?

Hybrid vehicles are available in a number of different formats and styles, meaning that there is a model suitable for all needs. Even a 4x4 car can have lower carbon dioxide emissions to make it more environmentally friendly, meaning there is no excuse for motorists not to protect the environment.

An example of one hybrid car available in a number of formats is the Honda Insight. This vehicle comes in a number of different models, such as the SE, SE-T, ES, ES-T and EX. These are all individually priced and will come with different features and will boast different carbon emission and fuel efficiency levels.

They all utilise a 1.3 petrol hybrid engine and their mile per gallon ration varies from 61.4mpg to 64.2mpg, depending on the particular model. All of the models are rated as "B" in the VED banding system, meaning that their road tax costs absolutely nothing each year. The cheapest of the models is the SE which costs under £17,000. The SE comes with a number of interior features designed to offer improved comfort, such as climate control, active headrests, arm rests and audio controls integrated into the steering wheel.

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