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GOGREENCAR: Eco-Friendly London Taxi Service

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So you're en route to doing a spot of environmentally-friendly shopping and for the most part, you'll be using your own two feet to get around. Again, for the most part. You may have not yet found a comfortable green alternative of transport so the bus or car will just have to slightly cramp your sustainable lifestyle. Well here's something that just may save you and I a guilt trip...

It's GOGREENCAR. A green alternative to cabs, the service operates a 40-strong fleet of hybrid cars that boast 60% less pollutant emissions than the regular black cab. GOGREENCAR was founded in 2007 and, like all green initiatives, is a case of fuelling wonderfully massive environmental change through little schemes and great passion.The service is economical as well as ecological, claiming to charge rates that are easy on the wallet. Plus, they are a gigantic leap up from the Hackney cabs first mentioned four years ago, claiming to emit 98% less Nitrogen Oxide.

So which HEV did the eco-friendly service opt for? The top-selling Toyota Prius of course, in addition to Lexus RS. GOGREENCAR's site reminds us the Prius uses a fuel-efficient electric motor, and its engines drives the generator to both power the electric motors and charge the battery. Acceleration is supplemented by more battery power and any energy recovered, for instance from braking, is kept for later use. The Prius is THE number one choice for enviro-friendly car services.

Having said that, there are other environmentally-friendly cab services like Climatecars and Greentomatocars, taking online bookings and calls for both corporate and private hire. Also, GOGREENCAR offer a weekly prize draw to win a free trip in their GOGREENCAR!

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